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Solution Development (WP4) WP4: “Transnational and agile co-development of open source solutions” is lead by Amsterdam Living Labs (WP5) WP5: “Demonstrate and replicate solutions in nested living labs” is lead by Johanneberg Science Park Communication (WP2) WP2: “Communication” is lead by Aarhus University Project Management (WP1) WP1 “Project Management” is lead by Amsterdam, and managed by Bax&Company Scale up (WP6) WP6: “Sustain and scale-up/Long term” is lead by Aarhus University Defining Challenges and Solutions (WP3) WP3: “Select public service challenges, define challenges and build business cases” is lead by Ghent
About the Work Packages category [Work Packages] (1)
D3.4 - Discussion of solutions. - Template for partners [Defining Challenges and Solutions (WP3)] (6)
Webinar recording: Linked Data [Project Management (WP1)] (1)
Defining a Vision for the partnership [Project Management (WP1)] (1)
D3.1 - Guideline for Smart City Challenge detection and Solution selection [Defining Challenges and Solutions (WP3)] (1)
Partnership Update: Overview of activity for September, October and November 2018 [Project Management (WP1)] (8)
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Open Data Forum - Gothenburg [Living Labs (WP5)] (18)
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How do developer communities fit into the open source/open data ecosystem we are creating? [Project Management (WP1)] (4)
Reporting Round 1 - Get started! (Submission deadline for partner reports: 15 Aug) [Project Management (WP1)] (7)
First Blog from Amsterdam [Communication (WP2)] (3)
SCORE Reporting: Submit your questions (Deadline: 15th August!) [Project Management (WP1)] (1)
Slack invite for realtime chat [Solution Development (WP4)] (11)
How do we define open and replicable solutions? [Project Management (WP1)] (12)
Regular working group calls [Project Management (WP1)] (3)
'Introduction to Reporting' Webinar June 2018 [Project Management (WP1)] (3)
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Summer: slump or opportunity? [Project Management (WP1)] (1)
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