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2021 bathing season open dataset and application


Hi! Friends and fellow travlers in space.

We are in a heep of development for the covid-19 summer “problems”. Right now our city is chasing the best function, app, idea, dataset for worikg out a solution to show “safe” beaches and bathing places in and around Gothenburg. We are working on getting a dataset that is based on the Fiware model and trying to make that into a swedish standard. We are aloso looking into creating a new and improved app that will help you find the beaches and to gether with that a better map for goteborg.se.

What great ideas do you guy/girls have that i need to find/share/see?
Is this someting you would like to follow in some capasity?
What services are you going to provide for the summer outdoor activities?

All the best to all you and i hope to see you all real soon.

/ Kim


Hi Kim,

Could there be an opportunity for some replication in Bradford? :thinking:

Currently in UK, ‘Bathing Water Quality’ status is only applicable to coastal areas (Bradford is not a seaside area :swimming_woman:t2: :icecream: :sunglasses: ).
However a small length of one of our rivers is to become the first inland watercourse to get Bathing Water status.
Coincidentally this part of the River Wharfe is where Backstone Beck - which SCORE is monitoring, joins.
So we’d be happy to find out a bit more about the developments in Gothenburg :slightly_smiling_face: