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Aberdeen City Flood Plan


Morning All
Aberdeen plan is to install a range of sensors across the city catchment, on its small watercourse. The purpose of the network is to gather data that can be used by others to manage there flood risk. We would be looking at APP that the community can use to make decisions on what to do during a flood event to protect there property.

WE would then also look at using the data and how we can integrate it with out Traffic Management system and our Integrated catchment model.

WE are also looking at how we can integrate other 3rd party data in as well


To Add to this all of our work is around meeting our requirements under the flood risk management act and our local Flood plan https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/media/17174/north-east-local-flood-risk-management-plan-2016-2022-web-version.pdf


Hi @wburnish,

All this aligns very closely with Bradford’s requirements (except initially we’re looking at using it to monitor our NFM project).

We need to compare notes, especially on sensors and appropriate telemetry (see my recent post on devices).
Once we’ve got the data, then we can let the techy geeks get on and build the app (no offence intended @Boris :wink:) .
It sounds like somebody at Aberdeen will have to see how to do the integration with your other systems. I think we’ll need to know what these integration requirements are, to ensure compatibility?