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Air quality virtual working table - Partner meeting April 20202


You are welcome to post below minutes from the working table and any comments/questions you might have!


In attendance - Aarhus, Bradford, and Gotheburg City councils, Digipolis, JSP, University of Bradford

Uni of Bradford presented the work planned for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring(IAQ). IAQ is a relatively new area - in particular we spend 80% of our time indoors making such monitoring important. In IAQ, the central question is what to measure - as some of the species are different from Outdoor Air quality(OAQ) monitoring, and some very specific to the IAQ. The idea is to trial widely used (and cited) sensors in order to build capacity to measure IAQ in one or two kits. Plan is to give this to school kids in the Bradford region and to collect data in a Linked Data platform. This platform will allow visualisation of summarised data to general public, and specific analytical capabilities to experts (AQ, Social science, and Health researchers)

Discussions that followed:

-There will be cost/quality trade off when building such kit

-In terms of what to measure - there is no consensus and ideally one should measure all the possible species

-we might have to rely on trend of data instead of actual/specific data

-linking with health or social science should focus on behavioural interventions (we have a local health partner, Born in Bradford, who can lead this aspect and will be interested in using data)

-we will have an AirHack day in September (before the consortium meeting)

-there is an opportunity to create living lab around this (work with JSP/Eva)

-This could be also used for Environmental Health and Workplace monitoring

-In terms of interest - Ghent Digipolis (to check and come back); Aarhus (might be interested in trying the kit), Gothenburg/Agot(possibility of linking with NordicPATH project); Bradford City Council is already working closely

-ACTION: Dhaval to create this as a solution in the solution list spreadsheet to keep the engagement going


@sydsimpson @Jefwillems @agot.watne @evdoxia.kouraki @Mikkel(Soren)
The meeting notes above.

I have also created a solution suggestion in the challenge document (UNIAQ - UrbaN Indoor Air Quality Monitoring), https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XKKDu_qvJzp0v1iInYSlI2dP5j8BcjKa2zjKvmlyvu4/edit#gid=0

could you please review and add your interest in the above?
@sydsimpson - I have taken the liberty of adding it for Bradford.


@dhaval I spotted the new proposed solution in the spreadsheet (thanks for adding it as a record in the sheet!) and I have relayed the idea to the innovation team of Ghent’s Facility Management unit. Now let’s wait for their answer to see whether we just keep following or test & replicate it.