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APIAPI IOT Component - Ghent - Partner Meetings April 2020, Sept 2020, April 2021


:point_right: Presentation Digipolis
:point_right: Information on SCORE website


The results of the development work from last months will be discussed at one of the virtual working tables next week. We will combine IOT Registry and APIAPI which are being developed as separate SCORE components.

:point_right: New progress presentation IOT Registry & APIAPI - Digipolis - September 2020
:point_right: Detailed APIAPI presentation from previous remote partner meeting - April 2020
:point_right: IOT Registry on SCORE website
:point_right: APIAPI on SCORE website

Everyone can test the results now at iot.lab9k.gent


The APIAPI was part of District09’s working table Re-use Ghent’s WP4 code/work in your city (QR-APIAPI-IOTreg) at the April 2021 Remote Partner Meeting.

Proceed to this message for the outcomes of the working table.