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Business case template


Dear partners

Hope all of you are doing well and you had the opportunity to enjoy the summer holiday.

Finally I am able to send out the first attempt of the SCORE business case.

This link brings you to a folder on the shared drive. Each partner has its own folder containing a link to the actual business case and to an extra document.
In the extra document you can describe the use case(s) the solution is serving and what (open source) components there are to find in the specific solution.
It would be great if all partners try to fill in both documents before the upcoming partner meeting.

All your input and feedback can be gathered in your own document (in comments).
I will collect all of them and then I hope we can discuss your input during the online partner meeting.

It is okay if you try to fill in the template for more than one of your solutions.
And after a call with Juliette this morning we decided that it is possible that one solution has several business cases.
For example the QR-toolkit: Bradford and Ghent are both developing a QR-toolkit, with both a different motive, different use cases, different learnings, and so on … So there should be more than one business case of a QR-toolkit.

Please consider how these documents work for you and your colleagues. Here you have several questions to consider while filling in the documents.

  • What is the value of the BC and what do you think is missing but could be valuable?
  • Subjects such as ‘value’ and ‘learning’, what do they mean to you?
  • If you do not develop or own SCORE solutions yourself, what would you expect from other solutions in these documents?
  • It would be great if you consider how useful these documents are and for what matters you should or should not use the business case.
  • What about the data-section than is optional? Is it relevant for everyone or not at all?
  • The 3th section – quantity, was difficult for me so all feedback or input is very relevant.
    How do you in your city express savings in time or money? And do you consider that on a short term and/or on a long term?

This business case should not just be a deliverable to satisfy Interreg, but above all should satisfy all of the partners and everyone interested in our work within SCORE. :blush:

I would like to have all of your input one week before the partnermeeting, that should give me enough time to go through all of your feedback and comments.
So lets set the deadline on Wednesday 16th of September.

Looking forward to see/hear all of you again!
Thank you all in advance

Kind regards