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Business case virtual working table - Partner meeting April 2020


You are welcome to post below minutes from the working table and any comments/questions you might have!



I’ve investigated the original business case used to obtain approval for the SCORE project. Please see attached. This would have went to our resourcing committee for approval. One thing I’ve also investigated is that no baseline of comparison exists pre-solution development as no comparative records exist. Allowing for a new solution such as watercourse gauges/sensors is to establish a new way of working that provides a service that allows the community as well as the local authority to take ownership of the information and the associated response.

With ever reducing budgets (economic recession, BREXIT , Aberdeen oil and gas downturn, and now COVID19) as a local authority funding from government will be reduced. Greater reductions in resource whilst providing services is requiring innovation. This story of austerity is possible across the UK if not the EU and EEA. Less human and financial resource is evident at the moment with greater smart digital systems and AI taking up the slack to allow smarter use of resources being established. SCORE Project Business Case - RM 1.1.pdf (420.9 KB)