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Circular economy and sustanability plattform REUSE/REPLICATE


We have a new version of our Smart Map of sme, individuals, föreningar, city and so on.
How can we move this project beyond? How do we replicate ideas and platforms like this? Help me Obi-score, you are my only hope.

What is it?
The Smart Map wants to make it easier for people to live more sustainably, by encouraging community, new meetings and access over ownership. We do this by showing initiatives and networks. On the map you can, among other things, find bike kitchens, swap groups, clothing swap days, free shops and digital platforms.

Made for the Peole BY the people.

/ Kim


@klantto I would be happy to bounce some ideas about this with you. Should we have a brief call about it?


Hör av dig på: kim.lantto@goteborg.se