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Citizen Science as a Service


Citizen Science is one form of Technology-mediated social projects(TMSP) - citizens’ participation in science projects in collaboration with professional scientists. Citizen contributes to the objectives set forward by the scientists through the analysis and gathering of a large dataset without any prior training or technical background. Citizens science differs from crowdsourcing where Citizens have some stake in having the solution in place (for example, flooding citizen science app helps them to report issues that can contribute to their properties saved from flooding). For SCORE, we intend to use Citizens as a sensor reporting on the different phenomena that we would like to observe. Citizens’ input can be considered complementary to the Physical sensors on the ground.

In the first instance, we are developing a Citizen science app for the Flooding use case. See prototypes below:

Citizens’ app (called PhenoTracker):https://marvelapp.com/3gb143e/screen/49565109
Admins’ app (what admins will see):https://marvelapp.com/527eic5/screen/49704614

We are using findings from the EU project WeSenseIT as starting point.

We would like help from the partners in terms of : co-developing, use case provider, access to the citizen groups. etc.

We also intend to create a generalized version of this app as a service that can be utilized for other use cases.



@dhaval, we have been busy scoping potential new challenges and several of these relate to citizens as sensors. I think we can definitely expand the range of potential applications.


@dhaval @sydsimpson Do have any reports on the usage of citizens in this applications? SOme kind of feedback on how much they use it or what kind of services they want to see in this kind of “citizen science” mode. Numbers, stats, Good user cases and so on.?

www.luftdata.se and the http://www.loviot.se/ project is one that is building up in sweden that we would like to share. https://iotsverige.se/ Hope this helps you guys with ideas and inspiration. / kim


@dhaval @Bhupesh Happy New Year!

On the 25th of April 2020, we are planning together with Ågot & Kim to host an event during the International Science Festival here in Gothenburg.

During the event, we will inform citizens about air quality data in the city and help them build their sensors for sharing data from their houses (as we did last year). We would also like to add in the agenda a point where we get inspiration from other cities like Bradford on how citizens can act as sensors and report on various phenomena i.e. flood monitoring.

Do you think would be possible to prepare and record a short presentation about “Citizen Science as a Service app” that we can show during the event ?

Looking forward to your response!

All the best,


@evdoxia.kouraki sounds great, yes we are happy to prepare a presentation. We can touch base nearer the time along with @sydsimpson and Bradford team. regards Dhaval


@dhaval great! We are thinking that would be great if you , @sydsimpson & Bradford team could visit us at Gothenburg on the 24th &25th of April; after the meeting in Hamburg !

During the event on the 25th, we would like you to present Citizen Science as a Service app. If you could come in Gothenburg on the 24th, then we could arrange a meeting with the Environmental Office of Gothenburg & colleagues of Ågot to discuss about Citizen Science and air quality. This is a topic the GbG Env’l office is working with and would like to get insights from you and other cities.

Let me know about your availability and we can book a call to discuss the details together with Ågot.

All the best,


@evdoxia.kouraki Nice idea! Thank you for the invitation.

I’ll have to discuss this with the rest of the Bradford Council team but it could fit very well with our proposals for an AirHack here in Bradford, possibly as an extra day before the partner meeting in September.
It would demonstrate real transnational working to have participation at both events.