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Cleanest Aire Route Planner


Dear all,

The Belgian Inter-regional Environment Agency (IRCEL-CELINE) and Flanders Environment Agency developed in the framework of the European Interreg Project Be-Good 1) An open-data endpoint for Belgium 2) an routing application taking into account air pollution (in Flanders and Brussels part of Belgium)

Based on the open-data endpoint, the high-resolution air pollution modal data of nitrogen dioxide can be implemented also in other applications.

However, the solution can also be implemented elsewhere in Europe, if the requirement is met that high-resolution air pollution model data (at least 10 m resolution) of either Nitrogen Dioxide or Black Carbon are available.

The link to the open-data endpoint for Belgium can be found here: ftp://ftp.irceline.be/cleanest_route/2018/ (It are seasonal-hourly rasters of Nitrogen dioxidE. The choice for this data is explained in the attached link to the presentation below);

The link to the application we developed in cooperation with the company Umotional can be found here (link will posted as a reaction on this post because a post is limited to 2 links)

To get a better understanding of the project, PLEASE HAVE A DETAILED LOOK to the presentation in the following link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Hh0XECS5LNaJasAi0V5PQ4VX7e8RZHzfNuS1VofzRqI/edit?usp=sharing
This presentation contains information necessary to know to understand the project.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions or to get in touch
You can e-mail me on vandeninden@irceline.be


Link to example application built for Brussels-Flanders: https://irceline.umotional.com/en/#