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Climate Emergency!


Dear SCORE partners,

During the Bergen partner meeting and reflecting on Eva Britt Isager’s introduction, it occurred to me that the main SCORE Challenges: Water, Mobility and Environment have a direct relationship to the Climate Emergency.

How can the SCORE project help municipalities alleviate and adapt to climate change impacts?

This thread is for partners to put forward ideas relating both to existing and future solutions.

Discussing this with @Boris and @claus , one idea was to have an ‘extra ordinary’ climate emergency partner meeting to better understand the problems and perhaps come up with solutions.

Of course we can’t have a climate change meeting and have everybody fly there!! :scream:
So possibly this could be at a venue easily accessible by train, perhaps Amsterdam or Brussels.

An alternative is to have an extra day at a scheduled partner meeting that we would be attending anyway.
Certainly I believe Bradford would be keen to host this.

We have already discussed the possibility of an extension to the project. The climate emergency would be a worthwhile reason to have one :slight_smile:

Please add to this thread with any ideas that can help SCORE relate to the climate emergency.

Regards, @sydsimpson


Thanks for bringing up this urgent subject. I would also like to share the related recent initiative from the UN on open source around the SDGs.