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Code for All


Hi all, Johan here from the Netherlands. Since the score project proposal was based on the Code for Europe collaboration concept (by Tamas), I was wondering: are all developers already connected to their local “Code for” partner, and present on the Code for All Slack?

Kindest regards!


Hey Johan, thanks for the message, as I believe it this link with Code for Europe seems to be lost, do you perhaps have any more information or tips for partners who would like to reach out, and what they could get from that.



Hi Boris, thanks for your response!

Around the world there are a lot of “Code for X” initiatives: coders that unite themselves to use their tech skills to improve the public sphere and/or help their governments improve digital services. Code for All is a growing community of all these civic tech organizations and individuals. We organize events on civic tech and gov tech (from projects to ethics to shared platforms), exchange information, code and resources, apply for collaboration project funding, and keep each other informed on what we are doing and what we need from each other. More information can be found here: https://codeforall.org/

We have a Slack (https://slack.codeforall.org/) where you can ask around for help, information, local developers for your project, inspiration, or just a talk (tech related or not).

I hope to see you all there! :smiley: