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Comms & Tech working table - Partnr meeting April 2020


You are welcome to post below minutes from the working table and any comments/questions you might have!


Hi all comms & tech folk – we’ll convene in the WP 2 Working Table in 5 minutes (14:40 CEST).

Hope to see a comms rep from all partners, at least all cities, there – and WP 3/4 guys, including devs.



In attendance:
Aarhus University, Ghent, Foundation for Public Code, Johanneberg Science Park, Amsterdam, Aberdeen, Bradford

The WT started out with a round of introductions around the table before Aarhus University briefly took stock of communication activities.

There was an introduction to the new people on the comms team, Kata (who was on holiday, borontekata@cc.au.dk) and Kalle (kallekusk@cc.au.dk) who will be replacing Janne and Benoît who no longer work for Aarhus University. An encouragement to all partners to keep the comms contacts document updated.
The SCORE project and multiple partners attended the Connected Smart Cities And Communities Conference in Brussels in January. The mentioning of this point sparked discussion of the potential of no physical events within the next year where partners agreed that while the barrier to attend will be lower, the landscape will be more competitive than before (Thanks @timvanachte for noting that down!).
Since the last meeting the SynchroniCity project has finalized which has resulted in the guidebook which has also been part of the SCORE communications.
Based on this document there was a discussion on communicating solutions touching on the points below.

  • There should a focus on ensuring that SCORE aligns with other initiatives such as the Join, Boost, Sustain Declaration, the OASC MIMs (OASCities.org / MIMs) and other key initiatives.
  • Solutions are there, but often lack a SCORE angle
  • Looking at components rather than solutions could be a potential approach
  • Solutions with versatility – presenting solutions with a focus on how different cities were able to reuse components and build the services they need
  • Dealings with this issue ties very closely with all the other work packages
  • Discussing technology readiness level as part of the communications
    Looking ahead:
    The discussion on communicating solutions and the partners will be continued on the monthly comms meetings (next one is in May)
    Aarhus University will propose a way to communicate the insights from the interviews regarding partner visions

Please comment below if you have any questions or comments!