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Could we see the Bradford flood management plan?


@sydsimpson, I remember that you mentioned the Bradford flood-management implementation plan.
Is it possible to share this with us?

Besides interested in your developments, I would like to trigger the colleagues here in Amsterdam to reply on my requests…

Gr Hugo


@h.niesing I think it’s our ‘Local Flood Risk Management Strategy’ that you are referring to which is available here:
Bradford Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Also of interest, but quite old now is our ‘Strategic Flood Risk Assessment’ which is primarily used for planning and future developments.
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Part of the European Floods Directive included a requirement for all members to carry out flood risk assessments EU Floods Directive
Known in the UK as the Preliminary Flood Risk Aassessment (PFRA), Bradford shall be updating theirs in the next couple of years and assessments will also have been done in the Netherlands and Scotland.