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Crowd Flow Dashboard – Concept & working group progress discussion


Hi @h.niesing @Jaccobrouwer @Amsterdatamas

Ghent is interested in replicating/co-developing the ‘Drukteradar’ project. We’d like to find out first what is feasible in SCORE. Particularly we’re interested in the perspective of crowdedness in the sense of ‘Impact of (large) events on mobility’. We see this possibly evolve from a standalone application for the mobility department, then to a wider group of other city stakeholders related to large events, then to reach further into citizen communication uses, crowdedness metrics as open data, etc.

Using open data, API’s, widgets etc. as interfaces, a collaboration might be set up with TMaaS project and the traffic management systems (dashboards, trigger events, data flows, communication flows etc.) they are building. (Might, as in if agreement reached with TMaaS consortium and ofcourse on the condition that it complements what they build rather than overlapping with them)

With this post I am creating a proper thread for this as a new proposed solution based working group.

Most relevant Drukteradar information on community is here and here.

Thank you and looking forward.

Cc @HansF @JoranVD


Hi @timvanachte

I am working at the drukteradar project in Amsterdam. And was just recently introduced to SCORE. Great platform and great initiative to explore opportunities to co-develop! I think it could be very useful! And you are ofcourse welcome to check (and replicate) our progress on github, but I believe atm it is limited on the topic of (large) events.

The impact of (large) events on mobility is indeed a very interesting usecase! We are in the process of exploring the use cases, getting the right data and getting the right group of city stakeholders together - also outside of the mobility department.

There indeed seems to be a much wider demand for the info. For example for permits (event, construction etc.). Or for estimating impact of events on the neighborhood (waste collection, enforcement, event policy, pedestrian policy, bike (storage) policy, car parking policy etc.). As you mention, there are also possible communication uses (to residents, visitors and ‘travel info providers’ etc.) and to establish metrics.

We are curious about the cases you are coming across and the application for the mobility department you are mentioning :slight_smile:. And its very interesting to explore possibilities to co-develop!


Hi Pepijn,

I’m Tim’s automated out-of-office message. This week he is somewhere warm where mobility issues are the least of his issues and he’ll be back next monday. Is https://github.com/Amsterdam/city-dynamics/ the right GitHub link? If yes, we will definitely look into it. I think @Jefwillems and @HansF might be interested in the setup of the project. On the usecases side and link with our mobility department @PhilippeDB is the best contact within this community. Anyway they’re free to already start the conversation online, but maybe it’s a good idea to setup an online call somewhere next week to see what’s what?

What do you think?

End of message.


Atm, we’re mostly interested in following, and adapting the setup for A’dam to the reality and sources of Ghent. If we adapt it to ghent, we’ll try to make them as generic as possible thereby helpen next adopters to onboard quickly.

@Jefwillems, @timvanachte will be able to follow up.

Let @Jefwillems know when the project is mature enough to play with it.


Hi @pjppauwels, @timvanachte

That is the right link for the github. I will double check if its up to date and let you guys know!

I think an online call is a good idea! Unfortunately next week I will be working limited hours. But we could do a call feb the 12th at 14.00hrs? Then I can also invite Tom Knijff our product owner. Would that work for you?


Ok @Pepijnhofstede thank you for the information (and great that you are joining the SCORE community). Yes let’s organise the call 12 Feb 14.00-15.00 to explain and explore more. At least us two, but hopefully all others involved + interested can join.

And thanks @pjppauwels for the follow up.



I’ll be on vacation next week when you plan to organise the call. Since Gothenburg wants to know more about Drukteradar to be able to decide whether to follow this initiative or not, I wonder if there is any documentation in English that we can take part of?

Regards, Malin


@timvanachte Our product owner Tom Knijff will be able to join the call. How do you usually do calls? I am most familiar with Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

@Jefwillems @HansF About the github. I’m not sure about the usefulness of the front-end because there have been a lot of changes. We are building a ‘sensor dashboard’ at the moment. This will be on github soon. I’ll let you know when.


I invited you @Pepijnhofstede and Tom Knijff both through a calendar invite with an appear.in link.

I will report about outcome and next steps afterwards here on the community, yet if anyone wants to join this call, let me know.


Hi everyone,

We have created a DrukteRadar appear.in room (up to 12 participants), feel free to use it for your online meetings going forward :slight_smile:


Hi @Pepijnhofstede

Each working group in SCORE is making the intended collaborations more concrete by filling out a template (this doc, to be more specific). For Drukteradar we agreed to have our next conf call beginning of March, such a template is valuable in preparing this next call (and defining the roles of organisations, teams and people we involve).

Have you already considered whether you would like to go for leading role in this SCORE working group (that is, coordinating the follower and replicator cities) or you’re more comfortable in just providing input to us, letting us take the lead in actually co-ordinating the transnational collaboration.

I presume this is also something you should discuss with @h.niesing. Amsterdam is leading the SCORE solution development work package and Hugo is main contact for this leading role.


Hello Pepijn,

I am working on the filling in of the SCORE Solutions.
So also for drukteradar…
Can I call you ?




Hi @h.niesing,

You have spoken to Tom Knijff in the meanwhile. But we can ofcourse call or meet up. I’ll send you an invite!


Hi @Pepijnhofstede @h.niesing

Hugo/Pepijn/Tom, did you come to a conclusion in terms of whether Drukteradar team is interested in also taking the lead in this SCORE solution working group, or do you think Amsterdam would prefer this working group lead role to be taken by the main replicator of Drukteradar, Ghent?

I think this decision is the most important first big step, after which we can continue our work on the fact sheet.



Hi @timvanachte, Next week we will discuss this and let you know!


Great. Looking forward @Pepijnhofstede


Hi @timvanachte @Jefwillems @h.niesing,

@Tim Schutte will be available to make the drukteradar replicable for Gent (and other cities). Tom Knijff and I will also be available to some extent.

We think for this project it would be good that Gent takes the lead role as main replicator. But lets see how this goes.


Hi @malinstoldt
@evdoxia.kouraki asked me a couple of questions on CongestionRadar on your behalf after I presented our progress at the Aarhus meeting last week. I’m sure that Eva will bring over the message crystal clear, but always ready to respond more in detail if you need information.


Together with @Justine and @Pepijnhofstede I presented the progress of this working group at the SCORE session at WeMakeTheCity in Amsterdam.

I took the liberty of renaming the working group as ‘People Density & Flow’ working group to keep up with our progress of the analysis of possibilities for replication and development. I have also updated our fact sheet a bit.

My slide deck for this SCORE presentation was in Dutch and I am sharing it here. But I also provide an English version in order to be understandable beyond BE & NL :wink:

190617DrukteradarDigipolis-EN-comp.pdf (687.3 KB)
190617DrukteradarDigipolis-NL-comp.pdf (688.5 KB)


Hi everyone

Sorry it took me a while before I got back to all of you after our working table in Bergen.
This is a short

Attended at working table @HD_Hamburg, @Vbyrne, @Camilla, @klantto, @h.niesing , Dordrecht & @timvanachte

Aberdeen, Dordrecht, Hamburg: follower


  • 2020 preparing, collection data and scoping (what are we looking for, what must the solution do (or not do)
  • 2021 (or second half of 2020) starting to develop and testing

Crowd flow in other cities ~ why interessted in CFD?

  • Bergen, Camilla:
    link to mobility dashboard? realtime data collection, 10K tourists cruise ships, busses that block traffic, measures taken, …
    datasources: Camera’s, Wifi counters, ITS data from cars, Buying data from telecom operator (Telenor)

  • Gothenburg, Kim:
    Traffic dept & crowd analysis control, how people move
    Datasource: mac address sniffer boxes (Oct & Nov), dataset published openly,
    parks to be refurbished, extract time to do roadworks, shapefiles available

  • Amsterdam, Hugo:

first steps:

  • making a data inventory (I made a file on our shared drive in WP4 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sZwnJGj3YWNOrypCcHxaJd_ZDtgoNger?usp=sharing

  • Ghent + Bergen:
    tourism: data Ghent (busses) & Bergen (cruise ships)
    lign which raw data from the providers --> Compare data to see what the common model is?

  • city patterns inspired by Druktekalender: each city formulates a pattern that is interesting enough to explore if enough resources are reserved

Presenting progress:
monthly call at Friday 10h

side notes:

  • Living Labs: March 2020, invite Eva to calls
  • It would be very helpfull to have a data-analyst joining this team.
    Menti as tool to collect policy questions and to align ideas and intentions