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D 5.1 Develop integration and demonstration plan


Hi everyone,

Aim with this deliverable is to produce a plan for integration with existing city labs and demonstration. A plan will be developed for each solution identified. Since Workings Groups are formulated and the solution ideation phase is in progress, we believe is a good time to start!

We have received some input from you by answering the questionnaire about Living Labs before the kick-off meeting. Some of the partners (Aarhus, Amsterdam, Ghent, Dordrecht, Bergen) have named existing/upcoming Living Labs at their cities which they would like to use and test the solutions from SCORE project. A short description about each of them can be found below.

Aarhus Municipality named:

  • The City Lab (existing): A new City Lab/Living lab was established in 2017 with a main area at the Dock in form of a city square (public space). Geographically, the City Lab stretch from Agro Food Park in Skejby to Dokk1 at the center of Aarhus. Business clusters such as Aarhus University Hospital, Agro Food Park, IT City Katrinebjerg and Energy Hub Navitas will support the City Lab with knowledge on Food, Health, Clean tech and much more.

  • Liveable City Lab (future): The vision for the future Liveable City Lab is for it to be able to frame meetings, dialogue, idea development and process facilitating with a city development scope. It must support cooperation and dialogue between citizens, businesses and the municipality, and contribute towards increased quality of life in Aarhus.

  • TAPAS (future): Testbed in Aarhus for Precision positioning and Autonumous Systems (TAPAS) is a research project addressing the increased demand for fast and accurate positioning. 12 GNSS reference stations will be placed around the municipality and Aarhus Bay, and the test area will be used as research and development center for private and public enterprises. This first project phase is a joint venture between the national SDFE, DTU Space and Aarhus Municipality.

Amsterdam City named:

  • Datalab - city of Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Data Science - a network of Researchers

  • Neighborhood Insight
    The central idea behind Neighborhood Insight is to present highly user friendly city-data dashboards in the online platforms of the local communities. The ultimate goal of the concept is to support local networks in a collaborative process of local decision making.

  • Improving response to citizen reports using artificial intelligence
    A project improving liveability of the neighbourhoods in Amsterdam by designing an intelligent citizen report system relying on multi-modal analysis of participatory data, social multimedia and open data. To allow for efficient and effective responding to citizen reports, the system will perform automatic classification, routing and prioritising.

City of Ghent named:

City of Dordrecht named:

City of Bergen mentioned that:

  • There are 2-6 Living Labs. The structure varies with the different LLs. In some areas the municipality has a building project and engages with various partners (public/private) and inhabitants in the area. Other LLs are a result of political decisions (car free zone, low emissions zones, social improvements areas). Activities range from using the street space differently (facilitating car sharing, bike riding, use of Public transport and walking), managing the need for rapidly growing e-mobility, utilizing the common areas in urban space for urban gardening and social interaction.

We would like that Aarhus, Amsterdam, Bergen, Dordrecht and Ghent share some more information material/links about their city labs so we can get a better view.

Please focus on these living labs that you believe will be interesting to be used by the Working Groups being formulated so far. Gothenburg city & Johanneberg Science Park will share some material as well.

Thank you in advance for your efforts! :slightly_smiling_face:



Dear all,

Plese find attached the final Guidance Report on ULLs in a PDF format. The contect of this report was presented to you during the webinar we had on the 19th of June.

Aim with this report is to help each Solution Working Group to understand what is a ULL and guide each group in the process of connecting with an ULL and testing in it. A list of steps is provided accompanied with important questions that each group needs to answer and document before testing and evaluating their solution.

The document can also be found on Drive under “WP5 -ULL Guide folder”. If you have any questions or iput please do not hesitate to reply here or to contact me via email.

A big thank you to @merit.kaal for drafting this report which we hope will be valuable for SCORE partners :slight_smile:

As a next step, my plan is to have individual calls in September with each Working Group to discuss how we can create a plan for testing in ULL for each solution based on this report. Looking forward to start testing!!! :slight_smile:

Have a great summer /Eva :sunny:SCORE_WP5 ULL Guidance_20190704_FINAL.pdf (2.3 MB)
SCORE_WP5 ULL Guidance_20190704_FINAL.pdf (2.3 MB)


Hi All,
To aid development of new solutions with involvement of residents and stakeholders within other solution development packages, please have a look at work we have undertaken to measure solution potential and engage participants.

I have uploaded the finalised Questionnaires for pre- and post- trial of the flood reporting application. We have made available the pre-questionnaire via our Aberdeen City Council Website (This is for consultees reviewing existing reporting and participation in Application trial development) . It is located here: https://consultation.aberdeencity.gov.uk/operations/ce6b4e51. I have attached the finalised pre- and post- trial questionnaires to enable KPI measurement. I’ve also attached the KPI measurement ranking undertaken in the methodology report for the solution measurement in draft form. If you have any comments please let me know. All documents are located here :https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XEDc56Y5oyZufVcmDah-iz3YhZ83ipEw?usp=sharing



Post App Trial Questionnaire final.docx (20.5 KB)
Pre App Trial Questionnaire final.docx (52.4 KB)2019 04 SCORE Project Methodology _Aberdeen_draft.docx (696.9 KB)


Hi to all Solution Working groups!

Today I have shared with Hamburg a template/plan with some questions that can assist the “GeoNetBake” solution to be integrated, tested and evaluated in the existing urban lab, “TAVF”, in Hamburg.

All working groups can use the template below to create their Urban Living Lab plan for their solutions. Responsible for the creation of an ULL plan is the Leader of each Solution working group.

ULL Plan for GeoNetBake_2020.docx (453.9 KB)

Before each Leader together with his/her group fill in the ULL plan for their solution, needs to read the documents below:

• Guidance Report on Urban Living Labs (page 16-26): Guidance Report
• Pre- and post- trial questionnaires to measure solution potential and engage participants: https://score.community/t/d-5-1-develop-integration-and-demonstration-plan/258/2

If you have any questions please contact me via SCORE.Community or email.

After the completion of your ULL plan, please upload them on the Drive under "WP5 folder - ULL plans ".

Good luck!
@SBK_Hamburg @HD_Hamburg @h.niesing @timvanachte @dhaval


Thanks Eva,
We’re working on this, but to help us with the defining please can you advise me what would be an innovation? Does it have to be something that has never been applied before, or something that is new to that community?


Hi Chris,

An innovation can be defined as something new that has never been applied before in your community. It can also be something (an idea, a product etc.) that already existed but you are going to use/test it in a new - innovative way (use a new method).


That’s great, thanks for clarifying Eva.



Hi to all SCORE solution leaders!!
@dhaval @Jaccobrouwer @Justine @timvanachte @HD_Hamburg @Jefwillems

Emilia and myself created a questionnaire to share with you related to testing in urban living labs.

Please leaders of SCORE solutions below:

  • VAO
  • 3D MODEL

Fill in the questionnaire until the end of June! https://forms.gle/SZKY6jK1Yod3FqYK6

Be aware that it will take you 5 min to answer the questionnaire in case you do not plan to test in a ULL and around 20 min if you plan to test :slight_smile:

The aim of this two-part questionnaire is to better determine what solutions will be tested in an urban living lab (ULL) context, and which will not. For those that will, we hope to assist the SCORE working groups around said solutions with the testing and integration processes. The answers will help us assess the willingness to test in ULL and will be integrated in the next reporting round for WP5.

Thank you in advance for your responses!!!


Done, for these solutions:


Thank you @timvanachte :pray:t2: