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D3.2 Define potential public challenges that could be addressed in project


We will be re-iterating through the challenge discovery process for SCORE in WP3.

This post is just a placeholder to have a dedicated community thread where we can link to in the partnership wide announcement e-mail of this challenge discovery re-iteration :wink:

In the meantime, you can check the 4 phase framework on which our renewed WP3 workflow is going to be built (Discover-Define-Prepare-Develop) which should help us define 3 common challenges, and eventually 6 solution plans for SCORE, all of which backed by a maximum number of cities and partners.


Hi all,

with regard to the email “New round of SCORE challenge discovery to be submitted before 31/12/2018” sent today by Joran, we want to clarify that we will only provide challenges for the Mobility theme as we are not the responsible authority in Hamburg for Water/Environment/Waste.
Incorporating those responsible authorities would require starting a change process to include them as project partners or co-beneficiaries. We do not consider this process as valuable for the project.
This way of proceeding is necessary because LSBG and LGV are both agencies with individual VAT numbers.

Best regards,

Henning & Samaneh


Hi @timvanachte & @JoranVD ,

Just for clarification.
Should the challenge suggestions in this round be entirely new or can we re-visit ideas previously submitted but not taken forward? :thinking:


Good to learn about this, thank you for clarifying this setting for Hamburg. We’re hoping that you can in that case contribute a very broad range of specific challenges in the Mobility spectrum :slight_smile: (also, some of these Mobility challenges may touch softly to the Environment, Water and Waste theme anyway)

Some additional thoughts:

  • There might be other ways to still include water/environment/waste and enrich our collective smart city challenge overview. For instance, in Ghent we were able to extract such challenges for different themes from a strategic document about the city’s future. We believe the ‘full picture’ on challenges, rendered for all of SCORE’s themes, is in the interest of each participating city as a SCORE outcome, but ofcourse it is up to each partner to define if the results are worth the effort. We’re curious about @claus’s ideas on that and how this relates to the vision text @Boris is working on.
  • When we converge to common challenges from the broad challenge data collection, we will provide in the workflow methods for each individual partner to adjust the “mathematical” challenge prioritisation. So you are able to focus on what you’re actually responsible for and what is feasible for you in SCORE.

Good question @sydsimpson. You can and should re-use the work done in the previous collection round, however:

  • Try to reflect a current snapshot of the city as much as possible, the situation might have been evolved and you might have gained new insights since that previous round (in Ghent it has, based on end-user meetings held around SCORE’s theme, where we presented SCORE and gathered a lot of specific challenges that we weren’t aware of, or couldn’t formulate that clearly before)
  • Enrich/re-visit your challenge data further based on experiences you had, speeddating at the Ghent meeting, talks about challenges at the Ghent meeting and during SCORE teleconferences, …

Thank you in advance!


The announcement of the next challenge discovery iteration, as e-mailed by @JoranVD yesterday:

Dear SCORE partners,

This month we’re re-iterating city challenge discovery for SCORE in WP3.

We’ve provided a form where we ask you to submit before 31th of December 2018 before 31th of January 2019 (updated) :

  • Minimum 15 of your city’s challenges , with a minimum of 5 challenges per SCORE theme (Mobility, Water, Environment/Waste)
  • For SCORE themes that your SCORE team members are most familiar with, preferably 10 or more challenges, as such a list would be easy to produce.

Challenges can be submitted until 31 December until 31 January (updated) and will be visualized in the new SCORE tool.

The form contains guidelines and instructions, but per challenge we basically need one single sentence. After submitting your first challenge, you can proceed using the same form to submit the next one.

Questions? Please get in touch with @JoranVD or @timvanachte through SCORE community or e-mail.

We provided a dedicated community thread for this phase of the challenge detection.


  • The full framework of our renewed WP3 workflow (Discover-Define-Prepare-Develop) can be found here and contains useful background information and guidelines.
  • The next phase will be the ‘Define’ phase where we will converge from the broader list and collaboratively re-identify our common challenges.
  • Please consider this re-iteration of WP3 activities running in parallel with the increasing SCORE activities around specific tools and solutions. Our strategy is to keep both WP’s active in the coming months, influencing each other but not depending on each other.

Hi Tim @timvanachte !
Just to get things right… :slight_smile:
Do you want us to fill in both the challenge form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQltrrI9yl4aH-MrpoXxnK31Ox5_Y1-WFQYvgTMQ7lIP4hWg/viewform) and the spreadsheet of proposed working Groups (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XKKDu_qvJzp0v1iInYSlI2dP5j8BcjKa2zjKvmlyvu4/edit#gid=0)?

I noticed that Trafiken.nu already is listed in the spreadsheet. Shall I describe it in the challenge form as well?



Good question @malinstoldt

There are two methods in parallel this time, because we learned that these might be the two ways to find and map commonalities.

  • Challenge based approach: the challenge form is where you propose a working group based on challenges

  • Solutions based approach: the spreadsheet where you propose a working group based on existing solutions (or existing plans to make/improve actual solutions)

In WP3, Trafiken.nu is considered a possible shared solution, that’s why we have already added it to the spreadsheet as a solution based proposal for collaboration among interested cities.

Submitting your existing solutions in our challenge form wouldn’t get validated in WP3 against the criteria in the guidelines. But we also agreed we need to continue exploring possible collaboration from an existing solution perspective.

What I would suggest to do is:

  • Identify, extract, formulate the underlying city challenge(s) of Trafiken.nu and submit them using the challenge form, reframing it into a challenge based proposal and not mentioning the Trafiken.nu tool :slight_smile:
  • Enrich and share more information about the Trafiken.nu solution based proposal, see this thread for template, examples, etc. (PS @claus maybe this linked thread with important template and information is a bit hidden, that might be looked into)

On behalf of the WP3 lead @JoranVD I can confirm that – as requested by some of the cities – the deadline for this round of challenge discovery has been extended to 31 January 2019.

Special thanks to Hamburg, Aberdeen and Bergen for your challenges submitted so far, very interesting!

As announced by @Juliette last week, don’t forget your feedback on the proposed solutions as well (deadline also extended to the same date: 31 January)

Please organise towards submitting all your input (both challenges and your decision on potential solutions) by the end of January.

Happy holidays and best wishes everyone.


Hi everyone,

As I heard, many of you were interested in the raw data of the challenges.
You can find them here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11PkGogP7rsQhiUomXhQBJVZh4wPZWPcDCJm8lKWrisE/edit?usp=sharing

In WP3 we will clean this raw data and suggest some clustering.
But we are still working on that (as you will see in the second tabblad, you can ignore that)

Kind regards