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D4.3 Define principles of software quality control


This deliverable will lead to quality control principles that guide developers and holds them accountable for solutions are developed.

During the planning meeting we agreed Amsterdam would take the technical lead and develop a proposal on collaborative development principles – which outlines shared set of guiding principles to be followed by partnership – covering minimum ingredients/quality standards/outline of processes/etc

• Minimum controlled quality for code, documentation and description, implementation guidelines, open source, open data, privacy,
• Quality assurance part – before it is done – checked by another partner/city/dev team (documentation, standards, joint idea of what is being created, transnational portability – define common standards, capacity to actively monitor this, visit teams, advise them, )
• Minimum transnationality and collaboration
• Minimum adherence to defined process
• Minimum commitment to start challenges and development process
Ie. Business owner, team, internal support, hours, investment

Do we still think this is accurate and what if anything is missing?


I’ve created a basic set of standards for code in projects to adhere to, to be agreed upon. It addresses some of the points in this list like collaboration and code quality and not others, which we should discuss how to do add.

The standard as I’m proposing it .

Could we get a few technical people to give some feedback on this? Also is there something else that needs to be in there that @claus hasn’t mentioned yet?


Looking at your initial message I feel that some of the aspects you’re mentioning fall outside of the scope of ‘Principles of software quality control’. I feel that it should be a checklist of what a codebase MUST have, and thus feel the following are outside of that scope:

  • Open Data (since it is not code, or software quality)
  • Quality assurance (it is really important but a different thing altogether, perhaps something to do with University of Bradford)
  • Minimum transnationality (since this is in score not the code)
  • Minimum commitment to start challenges and development process
    Ie. Business owner, team, internal support, hours, investment (since this is also about score specifically)

Made some comments, mostly to prove I red it. Looking good.


Thanks for your comments @HansF , I definetely think adding an OpenAPI (Swagger) requirement is a good idea.

Is there a way that we can quantify a minimum level of tests a project MUST or SHOULD have?


Thanks, I’m not sure on how we define that minimal level of testing.

I do agree in principle ofcourse.


Yeah, well, lets move ahead with this and solve this problem when we get a bit further in the process :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Kick-off!


@JoranVD has made some suggestions that I will relay to you @Boris @claus about this:

The role of data in software is interesting. I hear the arguments of both sides :wink:


Perhaps we can just include that it should use open standards, including those for data models and so on?

Just to add to this thread, we now also have https://standard.publiccode.net/ which has received some good contributions and is being tested by quite a few public organizations around the globe.


Received more feedback about the principles from 2 more colleagues here at Digipolis: @pjppauwels and one of our developers. Coming your way @claus @Boris


Can the final version of D4.3 be added to SCORE gdrive shared folder under WP4?