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Dashboard sheet for pending new workgroup proposals based on existing solutions


Two of the needs that came out of the Ghent meeting were:

  • Formalise the solution based approach: suggest an existing solution, then find partners that can commit to co-develop it (completely or partly) in their own city’s context (also, find partners that are interested in following it and/or replicating it in their city later)
  • A centralised overview of such proposed solutions and their status.

We made a spreadsheet that:

  • Gives overview of the pending proposals that are based not on common challenges but on existing solutions (for instance IoT Registry, Drukteradar, Time Travel Tool, Trafiken.nu, Check-je-huis, MoniTHOR, etc.)
  • Reminds us all about the deadline when all partners should have replied per proposal.
  • Functions as the overview of the ‘SCORE homework’ that is expected for every city in terms of redirecting these new proposals to the accurate teams/contacts in the relevant city departments (and/or other teams that are able to make the decision to move forward).

After coordinating with the work package leaders I created such a doc from how I imagined / pictured this dashboard at our discussion at the Ghent partner meeting. This was also discussed and given shape further in the ‘Code of Conduct’ breakout session.

Our suggested status/reply per partner for each proposed solution is:

Status Description
Pending reply No answer received
Maybe, clarification needed Acknowledged the new proposal, but we need more information from the proposer before we can proceed
Maybe, will probe internally Acknowledged the new proposal, we intend to look for internal stakeholders for this topic
Maybe, probing internally Acknowledged the new proposal, we are now discussing it with city departments and will come up with the decision
Yes, as leader Will take the lead if this becomes a workgroup
Yes, active co-development Will actively contribute to development with our development capacities
Yes, as follower Will follow and try to replicate if possible
No No hard feelings! :wink:

Note: This continuous flow of input from all partners (+ a friendly reminder from time to time, to keep it flowing) will be run in parallel with the ‘Discover’ challenges phase and subsequent phases that WP3 lead will be launching. Remember, one of the conclusions in Ghent was that we are going to need both the paths (the Challenge way in and Solution way in) to succeed in our objectives.

I suggest that WP3 (from the 3.5 ‘Selection of Solutions’ perspective) and WP1 (project management perspective) takes over the operational ownership of this dashboard? I’ll give support if needed. In particular, a process needs to be set up to follow up on the missing replies, or it won’t succeed. WP4 lead should also be involved from the solution side.

All suggestions to improve are welcome.


Sheet was updated after feedback from @Adrian (thank you!)

  • Instructions added on how to add a new solution based proposal
  • Status added: “Maybe, clarification needed”

I’m parking the dashboard sheet ownership question by @Adrian in this thread for now. We’ll answer it asap :slight_smile: