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DrukteRadar Amsterdam – Initial discussion



@Amsterdatamas Should this work ? Is there a login we can use to try? Any more info?


user name: pipo
password: pluto


Looks nice, how do you get the data?
Camera? Bluetooth tracking? …


a variety of data sources:

  • image recognition of web cams (even on open webcams calling a simple services is not bad)
  • blip data
  • scraping google popular times
  • public transport data
  • traffic data
  • open API’s
  • trash can sensor data

validate it with phone data and expert feedback
modeling the noise is a crucial step that we are progressing in atm.

a very relevant finding is that there is big correlation between number of people and number of trash -> you dont need iot trash can bullshit + if it’s already there you can use it for modeling foot mobility


Pretty cool and interesting.


thanks, tool is available on github.

my proposal is to work on something similar with Score, based on this.
data behind it is used to plan operational processes like law enforcement andwaste management, and to get real time signalling in these processes.

Let me know if you want to join and which info you need.
@Mikkel and @turegjorup what do you think about this?



Hi all,

We’ve mentioned earlier that Aarhus is interested in the DrukteRadar / Congestion Radar that Amsterdam is building, and to see whether it can be successfully applied in Aarhus. We would therefore like to learn as much possible, both about the project itself and about the technical setup, database, data input, etc. Essentially everything that you feel like sharing! :slight_smile:

Right now I know of the following information about the DrukteRadar:

  • A project already in the making within Amsterdam is an assignment by the administrative team to make a “crowdedness radar”, a city dashboard detecting and displaying crowdedness in various city areas, as well as live data about bicycle and parking occupancy, ongoing events and live traffic. The project will eventually draw on a large number of data sources, internally as well as externally

  • DrukteRadar (U: pipo, P: pluto)

  • Project presentation PDF (in Dutch)

  • GitHub repository (is this correct?)

  • GitHub repository for the DrukteIndex / Congestion index (however, a new pipeline / model is apparently being worked on)

If there’s anything else that you can publish, send or point us in the right direction of, it would be much appreciated.

Cheers, and thanks in advance,


I’ve read this thread to find out more about the DrukteRadar. Thanks putting the information together, Mikkel!

Is it possible to get a presentation/PDF-file in English for those of us that are not fluent in Dutch? @Amsterdatamas

Then it would be easier to decide on Gothenburg’s interest in the project.

Best regards,


As Ghent might be interested to replicate/co-develop I created a call for Drukteradar as a working group.


Update on this, Ghent has comitted to the Drukteradar.


Further progress on Ghent’s ‘Crowd Flow Dashboard’ efforts can be followed in this community topic: