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Email about SCORE approach discussed in Meeting Gent


Dear colleagues,

On of my actions from the Gent partner meeting was to share the email I wrote the Friday before the meeting.

It is a basical thing regarding our work progress, so please let me know your thoughts…

Round-table decision making solutions.

Dear colleagues,
During this first half year for me in SCORE, I observed in the municipality of Amsterdam that in order to decide on the development of any solution there are three profiles necessary. There is a real need to solve something, there is a real need to provide a (in our case data driven PSD) solution and a real ‘decision maker’ who has the authority to decide over the allocation of budgets and hours. It can be a difficult process to have these three components and start working, dedicating hours outsourcing of expert work etc.

This is available for the selected Amsterdam solutions in SCORE:
Internet of Things, the system is being developed there is a paying department (CTO) and IOS (Jacco leads the team) develops it.
Travel Time Tool is being developed by Economic Affairs in Amsterdam (Chennard is project leader and development is ongoing)
The business radar is being developed there is a paying department (CTO) (project leader is Tom Knijf) development is ongoing.
Amsterdam is willing to propose these solutions to the SCORE partners. This is also meaning that Amsterdam has to reserve time and money for this.

But what we now observe is that interest is existing with the partners, but this is not translated into any form of co-operation between the partners, why not? Is it not interesting enough? Do we miss a real problem owner? Can we not invest the SCORE-reserved time and money for these solutions? Do we need better teams with the 3 elements and the authority to actually really decide and do the things as projected in SCORE?

We should avoid having telco’s, webinars, and other meetings if we do not have a serious interest for the solutions of our colleagues and we should state clearly when a solution cannot be adopted. Otherwise we spend the project time and money without achieving results. It is not easy to develop together solutions, but let’s try to break this through this spiral of inactivity.

New solutions from Amsterdam
Besides that we analysed a list of potential Amsterdam solutions which are available and might be of interest to the SCORE partners. Jacco has selected 5 other solutions which might be of interest to the SCORE partners.

See the attachment.

We would like to have a break-out session on
a) this process and
b) on the solutions provided and come to an effective selection process



Hi Hugo,

Where do I find the attachment?

Regards, Malin


New solutions Amsterdam Input Score oct 2018.docx (70.7 KB)


Hello, I think I uploaded the input file from Amsterdam.