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First Blog from Amsterdam


Should the first blog from Amsterdam be similar to the vlog? Or should we write something else?


We were thinking about contents regarding importance of cities working together with community data and community software accessible for all.
We have now a general vision by Berent, Tamas speaks as program manager and Boris about the technological challenges and necessities. Then myself as project EU-innovation leader.
Amsterdam has embraced this open approach, very thankful for the European support by the Interreg NSR programme. Also the 50% contribution is ensuring committed partners because a significant amount needs to be contributed by each organisation. Therefor only real relevant projects are supported, filtering out partners in just for the EU-money.

Should we work each contribution further out?
Is it okay if there is a large overliap with the VLOG?



Ok BLOG made by Baris and myself :

See below the text, corrections can be made on the Gdrive:


Smart Cities and Open data RE-use
SCORE aims to increase the efficiency and quality of public services in cities and reduce their costs. This is done through the development of open services with open data by the cities for the cities.
Cities are the vital centre of Europe’s population. In cities we live, work, move and entertain ourselves. Cities do their best to create and maintain a good, clean living environment. In order to monitor their state and developments cities measure lots of things, varying from air-quality to traffic congestion and water management issues.
Lots of times the city gathers data and then connects applications to these data, but these applications are commercially developed. This can result in expensive services dependency on a company and a very limited possibility to share this services with other cities struggling with similar situation. Also the upscaling of these services may be limited or expensive.
The open usage of this public data and different applications for the city and its inhabitants is the core of SCORE.
In SCORE’s demand-driven approach, transnational teams of 9 Cities co-define shared challenges for improved municipal services. Cities pool resources and expertise to co-develop 12 innovative solutions (on eg environment, water, parking, sustainable mobility) to be tested and replicated 3x transnationally in existing urban living labs.
SCORE uses an agile software development approach for open source solutions that re(uses) data to improve public services. These innovations can then be re-used for free by other cities and regions. Together, cities have the combined resources, IT competences, and policy expertise to achieve solutions for shared challenges that they could not achieve individually.
SCORE started March 2018 and will run for 4 years, now the first application under development in SCORE is the IoT registry.
Amsterdam has the lead on this, objective of this application is providing transparency to citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs on what measuring devices there are in the city. What is measured, where they are located, who owns them et cetera. Another objective is to screen where measuring applications can be combined, reducing costs and the visual impact in the public space.