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Foundation for Public Code resources to help make solutions more open and reusable


Hi all!

I’d love to give a quick update about what we are doing at the Foundation for Public Code.

In a nutshell, we are a non-profit member-owned association of public organizations with as mission to enable public-purpose software and policy that is open and collaborative.

We thus act as a neutral third party that can ‘steward’ the open source code that our members and other parties develop. This ‘codebase stewardship’ includes things such as being an independent referee on the quality and documentation of things developed. For this, we have developed a ‘standard for public code’ which we check against. We also help in facilitating the collaboration between the different parties involved, helping to market the codebase, and helping new users understand how to implement the codebase.

For those of you interested in learning more:
Codebase stewardship
The Standard for Public Code

Many of the things we are building are based on learnings from SCORE, and we hope they will be useful in helping SCORE partners to build more reusable things, particularly in the codevelopment process.

All our things are open to contributions, so let us know what you think, either via github or here!


That’s great Claus.
Im working hard here in GBG to upload all the code we have produced this year to our github site.
Last one before summer holiday will be www.smartakartan.se We have already 3 cities in sweden replicating this code for their sustainability, circular economy goals that they want to meet.

Im hoping you will have time to check it out and maybe get it going in amsterdam aswell.

Cheers! Have a great summer!



I just wanted to share that i have now published the code for Smarta kartan.

www.smartakartan.se its is in english and swedish.

Feedback whenever you have it.

/ Kim


thanks @klantto!

We are currently working on a short ‘survey’ to help us and others get an initial feel for how reusable a codebase is, before diving into the code.

You can find the latest version of this work on our about site

I’m thinking this might be useful for you Kim, but also @turegjorup @Jefwillems @timvanachte @HansF @Pepijnhofstede --> we’d love to hear your thoughts!

We have an open issue on github for this


Very good.

I will take it to my grupp and discuss this a bit more but initially it looks and sounds great.