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GeoNetBake - Partner Meeting April 2020


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Please find the presentation + agenda for the Partner Meeting via the link provided down below.

• GeoNetBake update link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sw6GFd7YITJUMST6joR-TQG-xbnuklih/view?usp=sharing

• GeoNetBake agenda virtual table link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s1peDl78hBIw2NL_LJxTC0p6mLmhefYW/view?usp=sharing

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I’m curious to see how GeoNetBake relates, or could relate to Aarhus’ Stay Put asset tracking system.



  • Can you provide the original (larger image) of the new overlay image on slide 5. It can clarify the context, possibilities and advantages of GeoNetBake when we explain the solution to the mobility contacts.
  • Ghent and Digipolis are follower, Ghent is not co-developer in the solution, in slide 6 you snapshotted an earlier state of the solution proposal sheet, but in reality this challenge was eventually added to our QR-Toolkit efforts as a potential QR use case and did not make it to a sensor project, so we can’t take the co-development role here.

Minutes of the GeoNetBake Working Table

In attendance: Aarhus, Bax&Company, Bradford, Ghent, Hamburg

Henning invited Ms Korn from the GeoNetBake project team to give a short presentation and status update of the latest implementations into the GeoNetBake software.
(The presentation will be made available soon!)

Thereby latest updates are explained e.g. showing the software interface as well as the newly updated map with the polygon structure of the combined beacons. Furthermore different diagrams like sensor movement (drifting) and battery status diagrams are shown.

Q: What data does the beacons transmit?
A: The beacons only transmit its position/location. The beacons themselves don’t calculate the polygons. That is done in the software.

Q: Are the sensor integrated into the beacon?
A: There are two approaches: 1. The sensor is going to be integrated directly during in the manufacturing process in the lamp located on top of the beacon. 2. For older beacons that are already in use there will be a sensor kit available to equip the older beacons.

Q: Can the data be implemented into the ROADS project/software?
A: Yes, this might be possible and is an interesting use-case. The data can be obtained via the Hamburg Urban Data Platform.

Q: Is it possible to share the polygon algorithm with SCORE partners and collaborate with SCORE project QR-Code?
A: Henning is going to get in contact with the QR-Toolkit team and will foster the idea of sharing the Qr-Toolkit <-> Polygon algorithm exchange and stay in touch with Aarhus.


@Jefwillems & @timvanachte
I had a talk with our GeoNetBake Project Team About sharing the polygon algorithms. Unfortunately it is as I expected. The algorithms are developed by the companies that provide the intellegent beacons. Therefore we don’t have Access to These algorithms.


OK, thanks for following up.


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attached you find the slides presented to you at the online Meeting in April.

200422_Project_GeoNetBake.pdf (585.5 KB) 200422_Status_Update.pdf (676.0 KB)