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I’m curious on which parties have performed on which WP


I’d like to open up the data surrounding the amount of hours performed versus the commitments cities made.

Can we open up the timesheets agregated per city and WP?


@claus any update on this ?


@HansF I do not have this data, but took up your comment in my response here


Thanks for your lengthy reply in the other tread.
But Regarding this specific question, someone must have that data no? Can you point me to this person? What happens with the timesheets after our admin sends them to the city to be processed further upstream?
Don’t we partners need access to this data to set up some kind of projectmanagement going? For me this seems uncompatible with the open principles this project embraces.

This is very strange to me, but I have no experience in eu projects.


Dear Hans,

Each of the partners submits its own data on time spend (expressed in costs).
The progress reports are the place where this comes all together. So for what has been done up to 1 july 2018 we ave a record of the partners who submitted this (only Amsterdam and Aarhus University I believe). For the next period this will be available for all partners from start of SCORE until 1 Jan 2019. There you can see what efforts have been made. Not on WP level, but on project-partner level, this certainly provides a management overview to check and further steer the project.

We have in the last week been discussing in a small committee the SCORE efforts, progress etc. and together with the WP Leads we prepare an adapted strategy, this comes to you end of next week.
We aim to be more concrete work oriented and efficient, while maintaining a clear SCORE vision, criteria and working approach.

I hope this explains a bit the situation and our direction, and let us know your opinion & contributions

Greets Hugo


Thanks , I’m looking forward to the numbers, I’ve been reporting as well, but don’t know where it ends up.
Curious, who’s initiative was it to take the discussion off this forum? What was the reasoning behind it?