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Intelligent road works vertical panels - GeoNetBake (Hamburg)


Hi @SBK_Hamburg @HD_Hamburg

Ghent is interested in following closely the ‘GeoNetBake’ project in Hamburg. The difference between ‘planning’ and ‘reality on the field’ and how IoT can play a role in bridging that gap is a focus / use case that is getting more and more attention here (in mobility and road works, but also other smart city themes).

We could possibly even evolve to co-developing components in a SCORE solution working group, especially if your current experiments seem to work and the (expected) accuracy is < 0,5m.

GeoNetBake information was somewhat scattered in the SCORE community and google drive for the moment, so with this post I am creating a proper dedicated thread for this.

Current information is here and here.

Thank you and looking forward.

Cc @HansF @JoranVD


Thanks @timvanachte for opening the topic. In the future we will concentrate all information about GeoNetBake here.


Hi @HD_Hamburg @SBK_Hamburg

I am working on a one-pager on this use case & technology for Ghent mobility department which is interested, especially if there is a (future) possibility of replicating. Who should I get in touch with to get answers on a brief list of initial questions?


Reminder for @HD_Hamburg @SBK_Hamburg

Who should I get in touch with for filling out in more detail Ghent’s intended role in the GeoNetBake fact sheet?


Hi Tim,
I would be the right person. We had a very good telephones conference with Aarhus about GeoNetBake on the 21st of February and I think we should do this with Ghent too. I’ll send you a doodle-link, so that we’ll find time in the next 2 weeks.
Best regards


The call Hamburg-Ghent about GeoNetBake is today. I 've prepared some questions for GeoNetBake team. Thought it would be good to share here as it might be reused for other IoT projects, templates, etc.

How did you initiate the project? Did you at first test other approaches to collect information on the field, or did you immediately start experimenting with different types of sensors?
Where are you now? What are the challenges? Do you maintain a technical roadmap?
You are testing different sensor models and communication frameworks. What does such a test setup look like?
Where do you place the sensor physically in/on the standardized beacon? How is power supplied?
Which manual actions do the construction workers need to take at the moment of placing (and removing) the smart beacons?
Are you thinking about scaling your concept to movable street objects other than the standardized beacons?
To what extend are you progressing to open data / to working in open source? What do you think is reusable at this point? What could be made reusable?
Which learnings can you share with us if we go for replication of this setup in Ghent?

A short sum up of the nice Break Out Session in Aarhus yesterday:

Discussed Use-Cases:

  • Monitoring of the Beacons
  • Using the Information for billing and/or Penalty
  • Using TAPAS (Link) for testing GeoNetBake
  • Use synergyeffects of the planed Stay/Put-project from Aarhus

Next steps:

  • The Followers and Co-Developers are very excited about the potential of the Project, but want to await the first tests of the intelligent beacons
  • First Test data will be available this summer
  • Telephone conference with all interested Partners in June to talk about the Project Status and future steps

Furthermore I will answer the questions from Ghent and Gothenborg and put them into the wiki-section of GeoNetBake.


Hi all,

thanks for the good break out session in Aarhus. As agreed on, we would like to arrange an update call for GeoNetBake in Mid-June.
Please mark your availability in the doodle list and update the Fact Sheet.


We will have an Update Call on the 17th of June between 10:30 :clock1030: and 11:30 :clock1130:.
If someone wants to join and didn’t get an Invitation, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Responses to these questions have been posted here: About the GeoNetBake category


Short sum up on the Update Call on monday:

  • Hamburg made contracts with three different Providers
  • First data should be provided at the end of July/beginning of August
  • Tapas is still very interessting for testing
  • next update call in the middle of August (https://doodle.com/poll/ntmuppikirmg47fa)

Thank you @HD_Hamburg, keep us informed. We keep following this for now and will demonstrate the progress to contacts in Ghent Mobility department. At a point when they perceive the concept as replicable/testable in Ghent, we will try to propose a test to Ghent Roadworks department.


We had a short update call yesterday and I would like to give you all a short sum up:

  • At the moment there is a lot of testing together with the three different Providers
  • The testing takes place at four different places that belong to the LSBG
  • Real field tests on the streets will follow afterwards
  • At the end of September there will be a short Video about the Project, made for the ITS Worldcongress in Singapur
  • The online Service and data should be available in February/March 2020
  • Some test data is already available, but it doesn’t meet all requirements by now
  • Some fieldtests in Aarhus to use the TAPAS infrastructure could be realistic in 2020
  • At the Moment there is a delay of about 10 seconds between the movement of a beacon and the changes in the polygon
  • There is a special focus on building the Polygons out of the real time data that is collected

We decided to have the next update along the partnership Meeting in Bergen.