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Intro film on SCORE website


We propse we post an introductory video on the front page of the NSR SCORE website. I will probably be mentioning it on the 26th, but just want to get you on board first.

This for now would be in lieu of the animation, and we can discuss whether to make an additional animation for outside stakeholders later on, where the core message would be the outcome for the city and the citizens.

The design basically looks like this:

Tell me your thoughts if any!


@Berentdaan shall we get started with filming a short welcome word to kick off this production.


@claus :evergreen_tree: and me :seedling: have done our part :deciduous_tree: and made a :palm_tree:short video explaining what we :christmas_tree: do,


(we also have versions where we’re not in the plants, for the actual video :stuck_out_tongue: this one was a joke :wink: )