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Introduce yourself!


Hey all,

Most of us don’t know each other so I thought it would be nice to tell everyone a bit about ourselves.

I am Boris van Hoytema and am working with Bax & Company and Amsterdam to provide help on the topics of Open Source, Agile and Open Collaboration. Feel free to ask me anything.

I’m super excited about SCORE mainly because I feel that learning how to use, develop and maintain software together is super important.

And you?


Pieter-Jan, Digipolis Gent, specifically helping Thimo Thoeye (City of Ghent) with WP3 management and Hans (Digipolis Gent) with WP4 practicals. During the day I’m a Foresight Specialist, we do research to future societal and technological challenges, but in this case I’m also doing international collaborations for Digipolis.

I have experience with FP7, CEF and H2020 in regards to European projects. Regarding innovation, I’m mostly a project manager with experience in organising small gatherings, to organising full blown conferences workshops, hackathons and coding camps.


Hans Fraiponts,business analist from Digipolis, Ghent.

Will be doing techie stuff and hoping for great collaborations. Works in progress here.


Hi all,

I am Mikkel Folke Olsen, from the Technical Works department of the Municipailty of Aarhus, Denmark. I work as a project manager on various IT projects and Smart City initiatives. I also have several years of experience with IT security within the municipality.

This is my first time working on an Interreg project, and I look forward to working with you all.


Susan Fraser, representing Aberdeen City Council specifically in terms of external funding and project monitoring and evaluation. Will work on Score to link in with other Smart City activities.

Experience in numerous Interreg projects particularly around transport and Hydrogen initiatives. Other project experience includes H2020, Innovate UK, Lottery Funding etc.


Hello I am Hugo,
Will be WP4 Coordinator and working as Amsterdam for SCORE.



I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies/AU Smart Cities at Aarhus University (Denmark), where I am investigating architectures and processes of co-creation around digital urban transition in the EU-funded project OrganiCity, working with Martin Brynskov and Adrienne Heijnen. I have studied American Literature and Culture in Berlin, Media Archaeology and Film in Amsterdam and graduated with a degree in media consulting in Berlin. My dissertation (2009-2014) was about new technologies changing journalistic practices in American news journalism. I am co-editor of Media Theory (http://mediatheoryjournal.org/) and write at http://raetzsch.berlin. When I don’t tend my bonsais, I cycle in the city. I am open to any queries concerning external communications, strategy or networking as well as outreach activities and changing mobilities.


God Morgon!

Kim Lantto. Worikg for the City of Gothenburg as a Digital Service Developer for the citizens. I manage groups, programs, products for the city and work within different smart, future, digitized projects.

Right now we have an Open data work group with Stockholm.
Smarter city project din H2020 called IRIS together with Nice and Utrech.
A new IOT project with 4 swedich cities and Santiago called LOVIOT ( ari and Water IoT.

I love cars and i am a musician since 9 years of age. ( music on spotify and itunes )

When i GOthenburg, Call me!



I am Eva Kouraki working for Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Together with my colleague, Maria Ådahl, will guide you in WP5 which is about testing & replicating solution in Living Labs. Feel free to contact us and ask questions :slight_smile:

Looking forward to work with you all!!


Tamas Erkelens, Program Manager of Data Innovation. I am a data innovation incubator and a product owner of tech teams in Amsterdam. My aim is to extract societal value from data in tangible projects. I have experience in Agile projects in roles as developer, designer and mainly product owner. Also involved in some Horizion projects. A bit more of our vision on big data in Amsterdam you can read in this interview:



I am Dhaval Thakker from University of Bradford, UK. I am an academic interested in linked data, knowledge engineering and Internet of Things (IoT). I am a programme leader for our MSc in IoT course and also lead the coordination of the IoT Innovation lab in the university. I am experienced in EU and Innovate UK projects and currently involved in a EU project on smart infrastructure and an Innovate UK projet on New Generation of Intelligent Drone Imagery.

I am excited about SCORE due to unique challenges and opportunities it offers. Challenges from my perspective are sharing of knowledge and processes in such a transnational development environment, and opportunities are to do with what we can learn from such challenges and group of exciting partners.

Looking forward to working with everyone!

Dhaval Thakker
University of Bradford



I’m Michelle from the City of Aarhus. I work in the ITK (Innovation, Technology and Creativity) department, where we among other things work with smart city projects, open data, city lab and LoraWAN. This is also here our developer team is placed.

I’m involved in SCORE as project lead primarily regarding administration matters.
My experince derives from varoius smart city projects both internally in the city (e.g. creating a new common platform for hearings in the city), as well as externally e.g. H2020 projects like IoTCrawler (how can we create a “google” for IoT devices). I’m part of the Smart Aarhus secretary aswell.

My field of expertise is therefore within the smart city domain with focus on co-creation, partnerships and communication.


Hi SCORE family,

quite the introduction to IT, besides all the cool stuff SCORE will be doing, this is an implicit crash course in IT.

Looking forward to working together!

My job to make you work together effectively, taping into your combined energy to generate real value in our cities from science & technology.
Sebastiaan van Herk


Ture Gjørup, Developer working in ITK at the City of Aarhus. Working on open source development and open data for the city. Background in Information Studies, now a full-time programmer.

Role in Score to be determined but depending on the exact nature of the challenge(s) Aarhus will work on either I, or others from the dev-team I work in will co-develop part of the software for the solution.


Hi everyone.

My name is Rebecca McCrum and I am the Project Manager for the Aberdeen Score project. I work for Aberdeen City Council as a Technical Officer in the department of Structures, Flooding & Coastal Engineering.

I am excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with everyone and I think that together we can do great work!


Hi everyone,

Jacco Brouwer, city of Amsterdam. I do the account management for City Data (data.amsterdam.nl)

You have my undivided attention when you’re start about cycling, surfing, snowboarding and technology. You can reach me at jacco.brouwer@amsterdam.nl or on +31653621906



Hi I’m Berent.
Good to be part of this community!


Moin Moin,

I’m Henning David from the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg. There I work for the Agency of roads, bridges and Waters as coordinator for the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Projects. The topics of the projects differ from autonomous driving and V2X-Communication to smart point or smart lighting.

We are also part of a Horizon 2020 project (mySMARTLife), but it’s our first Interreg North Sea project and I’m really curious about it.


Good morning,

WHO: Stevan Rudinac

INSTITUTION: Amsterdam Data Science, University of Amsterdam

INTERESTS: Multimedia analytics, computer vision, information retrieval, machine learning, information visualization


CURRENT LOCATION: Amsterdam Data Lab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe, planet Earth, Milky Way


I used to help oil companies mitigate risk and abide by environmental laws and regulations. Now I work to make my home city fossils fuel free. It’s a funny world, eh?

The picture above is of my dog Timo. He loves walking (and running!) even more than me.

I am working as an Environmental Advisor to the city of Bergen.