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‘Introduction to Reporting’ Webinar June 2018


Thank you to all of you who joined the webinar on reporting last week. As promised, below a recap with all the essential information to be ready to report.

Essential information:

Last steps before reporting:

  • Make sure you have all 3 types of accounts in the OMS: Beneficiary managing user, Authorised signatory and First level controller.
  • Decide if you’re going to submit a finance report and inform Amsterdam and BaxCo as soon as we announce the final internal calendar.

Reporting calendar:

Remember that this calendar is provisional. The Interreg authorities have to approve our project modification first and then we will be able to open the reporting round on the OMS. We will inform you of the final dates of the report when we know them, but you can already start calculating your expenses and gathering the evidence.

Reporting Calendar.pdf (338.1 KB)


Hi Claus,

Thank you for all the information and guidance about reporting!
I have just signed in the OMS system but when I click on “Finances report” and “Progress report” the message below appears. Does this mean that is not ready yet? Shall i contact our First level controller or wait? Thank you for the reply! Best/Eva


Hi Eva,

We just created the project-level report for SCORE. Now you should be able to create your partner report for both, finance and progress. If you still have problems, please let us know!

All the best,