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IoT Week 2018 Bilbao



Mark your calendars for this unique event addressing the latest trends in the IoT domain! The IoT Week gathers the community of stakeholders engaged in developing new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions. During the IoT Week 2018, the Euskalduna Conference Centre will host prominent IoT experts, researchers, IoT focused companies, research centres, European research projects, start-ups and international organizations to meet, discuss and identify emerging trends and technologies that will impact the future. The event is co-organized by the IoT Forum and IK4-TEKNIKER.

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How many of us are going & do we want to organise a SCORE working session while there?

I’m thinking of the IoT registry working group in particular - @nicole.schubbe @h.niesing @HansF @pjppauwels @phezoj @sydsimpson - anyone attending?


It’s event / congress / festival season. Already going to Future in the making of the European Commission https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/fta2018. Not sure if other Ghentian partners will attend in Bilbao. But best of luck! Would love to have a decent IoT-case that all cities can replicate in SCORE.


Looks like a great one as well @pjppauwels! Had a quick skim and it made me think of the (theoretical but very solid) work Nicole Dewandre is/was doing at DG Connect on hyperconnectivity, knowledge and action: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-04093-6_20


FYI - @Jaccobrouwer and I will be representing SCORE at the IoT week in Bilbao. Will be sure to report back!


Hi all!

Quick update on Bilbao. Was a great event overall - Jacco and I both presented different elements of SCORE on stage, and had some nice conversations:

  1. with our own @brynskov on how we can learn from the procurement and references specs they are using in http://synchronicity-iot.eu/ (call launched in Bilbao)
  2. with the Greater London Authority on what we can learn from http://www.sharingcities.eu/
  3. with New York City who is keen to listen in on our IoT registry group
  4. and general awareness raising and interested from other cities, network organisations and EU projects leaders.

@Jaccobrouwer anything I forgot?

We also had the debut of the brand new SCORE tshirts Jacco and I whipped up last minute together with @Mariechoetarp!


@claus there will be a call with the city of Geneva this afternoon about the IoT register. I’ll be using the Appear channel, so everyone who’s interested can join (16:00 today)