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Jobs in the harbour: traveltime mixed with job search


So this has popped onto my radar here: https://www.naarjobsindehaven.be/

People from Ghent are interested in a platform like it.

Traveltime is but one aspect of it, it combines a job search from our national job vacancy database with information of public transport and a survey on the mobility infrastructure of the companies involved.

From the site:

De data in deze kaart zijn afkomstig van volgende databanken:

  • VDAB vacaturedatabank. (job vacanies)
  • FOD Diagnostiek
  • Bedrijfspercelen Haven van Antwerpen (land registry)
  • DeLijn API (bus company)
  • Velo fietsen API (bike sharing)
  • GIPOD API (database of roadworks)
  • Google Directions API
  • Beschikbare informatie van vervoersaanbieders NMBS, De Lijn, Blue bike, Velo, I-bus, pendelbus en waterbus
  • Bevraging over mobiliteitsaanbod bedrijven van Port of Antwerp (voorjaar 2017) (survey of the companies)

Do other cities encounter this problem? Like an industrial region, that’s a bit unknown because not many go there, and has difficulties attracting workers, and where mobility plays a part in this as well?