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Kick-off Agenda


Here is the latest version of the kick off agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15KisjEk6iZwUwTtbonvt6IsWPZzmq4q5DaHTxIGPntg/edit

The pending decisions are:

  • Request to move all work package related activities to one day so that some cities might be able to bring more technical people for the day
  • Finalise day for the field trip/site visit

Note: Interreg is unable to be flexible - their session has to be sometime in the afternoon on Wednesday.


Hey Claus, thanks for the update.

Are these decisions that have to still be made by the Work Package Leaders or are these things that are still pending in the planning?



The trip has been finalised to Wednesday afternoon so we will leave the agenda as it is.