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New ideas from the analysis Gent/Digipolis made


Hi everyone,

Great to see the updates in the proposed working groups!

We did a quick skim over the clustering work Gent did before the kick-off and cross-checked it with the ‘current project’ list you filled in on Trello.

We found some overlaps which could be fertile group for new working groups.

Smart street lighting

Ongoing projects:
Hamburg: Smart service street lighting.
Aarhus: Pilot on a stretch of main ring road in Aarhus, where almost-realtime traffic density measurements determine the brightness of available street lighting.

Hamburg: How is it possible to maintain the street lighting in a smarter and more cost effective way?
Bradford: How can we manage our street lighting in a smarter, more environmentally friendly and cost effective way?

Waste management

Ongoing projects:
Aarhus: Waste monitoring (dynamic waste collection)
Bradford: Smart waste collection route, efficiency.

Amsterdam: How can we minimise the time waste is on the street?
Aarhus: How can we optimize analogue and digital availability information in waste management?

Smart Gritting/Salting

Bradford: Inclement weather affects everyone, therefore the Council needs to be Smarter in providing gritting to roads during winter, based on better metrics and refilling its 550 grit bins.
Aarhus: How can we optimize clearing, salting and public information during winter conditions in Aarhus?

Full list of current projects and all challenges.