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Online Marketplace for city services (reservations and payments)


Hi all

Ghent and District09 are working on an interesting innovative and open source project: a central online market place for reservations and payments. They would like to link with other cities working on similar challenges, therefore we decided to share it and hope that you as SCORE partners could help us get input from other cities.

Please read their announcement below and thank you in advance for cross checking with the right colleagues in your cities whether they would be interested to learn more. We’re also including Online marketplace for city services in Ghent.pdf (128.4 KB) with a more detailed description.

Which colleagues can you think of that are working on e-service delivery for your cities? Such people are probably interested in Ghent’s open and ‘best of breed’ approach to this challenge. Who of you, or you might think of specific colleagues, could I link to the project leads in Ghent (Elina and Gudrun) to help and/or learn more?

Online Marketplace for city services

Our challenge

The city of Ghent initiated a project to improve the way it offers her products and services online and thus the online customer experience. The idea is to create a smooth marketplace experience: shoppers can reserve sportcamps and buy museum tickets in one go.

We want to step away from adhoc purchasing of off the shelf software packages for each individual department and evolve to working with an open source, modular system that can keep growing and adapt to the ever changing demands and needs of both citizens as front/ mid office employees. In doing so, avoiding vendor lock-in and moving to a best of breed architecture.

How can you help?

We have issued a European tender and are aiming to commence with the actual development of an MVP during Q4 2021, however we are still interested to learn how other administrations (yours) are dealing with similar challenges. Maybe you know of other city service marketplaces? Of perhaps you can recommend existing software modules that we would be able to reuse and integrate?

If you’re triggered by this project and think the final results may be of interest to your city services, do let us know!



@klantto is that interesting for Gothenburg City ?