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Open data efforts around the world


I wanted to have this line open for findings around the world where good ideas for open data is being used and worked on. So Fill the thread!


London working hard:


The water authorities in Sweden has a great dataset, VISS, which includes data about lakes. This has led to mass creation of articles on Swedish Wikipedia, giving the official information better reach. It also turned out that Wikipedia had a lot of images on these lakes that were not part of the dataset, so now the official pages embed such images. A win-win situation where sharing the data has led to both parties getting richer data. Example:


Watch this space, Kim:


It’s focused on COVID-19, but it’s the basis of the “CSCC Catalogue” launched (softly) next week. Also linked to the larger efforts in
Living-in.EU (LIEU), which also aims at creating “data spaces” for smart communities. All part of the upcoming Digital Europe Programme.

There’s a sub-group in LIEU on tech, which is open to all signatories of the declaration. It’s exactly working on this. Do join!




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London working hard:

** Medium
– 12 Jun 19**

[ Data Trusts for London — our research with

the ODI and next steps](https://medium.com/@SmartLondon/data-trusts-for-london-our-research-with-the-odi-and-next-steps-ef3d40bffb28)

In April, the Open Data Institute (ODI) made recommendations to the Mayor on how a city government can create and support data trusts. Dr…

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