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PanorAms labelling tool


Hi everyone,

Here a short update on where I stand with my research project.

As I mentioned yesterday during the meeting, I have been working on an online tool to get a small subset of the panoramic images of Amsterdam labelled with the help of human annotators. These labelled images will help me to evaluate the performance of the algorithms that I will be developing to recognize and localize these urban objects within a panoramic image. The labelling tool itself involves adjusting and creating bounding box annotations around urban objects.

It would be great if you would have the time to help me out by annotating some images and testing out this tool. If you do find the time, I would ask you to at least annotate 6 images.

You can find an instruction video on how to use the tool here: https://youtu.be/u7Ghf3nNEns.
The tool itself you can find here: https://panorams-tool.herokuapp.com/.

Let me know what you think, any feedback is most welcome !



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