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Partner’s flood and drainage details


Please share your City’s requirements, ideas and proposals for the flood and drainage challenge.


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Following the Flood and Drainage Group teleconference on Tuesday, I have uploaded details to the Google Drive of Bradford’s proposed water challenge.


Bradford Council are partners in a DEFRA (Government funded) NFM (Natural Flood Management) project and are partnered by the Environment Agency. This project requires watercourse monitoring and community engagement with data to be openly published, so this presents an ideal real world application for SCORE - at least as proof of concept.

In addition to the specific requirements of the NFM project there is the opportunity to develop the ‘smart’ infrastructure adding further provisions for a range of applications.
Partner cities requirements will vary and it would be very helpful if details of their proposed applications can be shared to the group so that any differences or similarities can be taken into account. For example in the types of devices / systems required.

There may also be variations in the relevant parameters, for example tidal conditions, expected storm surges etc. do not impact Bradford but are very important to Dutch partners and are key factors when considering climate change.

A better understanding of the range of flood risk challenges across the project will help us develop a collaborative approach, so I would encourage partners to share their details.


It appears that the formatting of the document in Google Drive isn’t so great.:frowning:
So it might be best to download?


perhaps upload as a pdf?


Now available as a pdf.
Not perfect, but good enough! :grinning:


Something that might be of interest is an account of Bradford’s first use of LoRaWAN for water level monitoring.
Although the devices are no longer online we are considering relocating them to the NFM project in Ilkley.



The Bradford Council team has been looking into possible ways to obtain useful data.

Below is a list of water monitoring sensor suppliers (largely UK based) which produce the sort of devices that we could be interested in. I’m sure that there are many more in the UK, Europe and globally.

Bradford Council has direct contact with several of these companies: Invisible Systems, Mainstream Measurements, EM-Solutions and Hydro-logic.

Hydro-logic supply our rain gauge service which includes several ‘tipping bucket’ gauges and web access to the data via their Timeview telemetry service. At the moment we are looking at ways of harvesting the data in near real time and publishing as open data.

Some points to think about:

• Often these companies supply end to end solutions - are these appropriate to the SCORE project especially regards replicability?

• Telemetry options are usually limited to GPRS/GSM which may be less cost effective than LPWAN if many devices are installed.

• In addition to the devices and services these companies supply, installation and maintenance must be considered.








We have been looking at similar ones as well as
http://www.rivertrack.org/ who are a start up but may offer a very good cheap solution.

Also I think we should have a chat to Canal and River trust. When I worked there they had a massive monitoring system in which they bulit themselves.


Bradford has done some work with Ben Ward of Floodnetwork which is similar.
He is now involved with monitoring for ‘Slow the Flow’ an NFM project in nearby Calderdale.

What sort of LoRa coverage is there in Aberdeen?


This is Slow the Flow’s dashboard:



We also have WSP working on a spec for us to do some river gauging which we can then pinch and use on SCORE if we want to


I see SEPA publish up to date (but not real time?) data from their gauging stations e.g:

This is the sort of thing @dhaval might find useful.
Details can be noted in UoB’s online form:
https://goo.gl/forms/GRRQv5enNuPpVZHr2 1


They do a lot more detailed data set for idiots like me as well. They also do Rainfall data .

We are workign with them to see if we can bring this into our final score project as part of a data sharing agrrangement


Here is another one to add to the list