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Partnership Update: Memo on project management and action plan (Jan 2019)


Hi all!

SCORE memo
The SCORE ‘management team’ (@Boris, @h.niesing, @Juliette and myself) have developed a ‘Retrospective Memo and next steps’ which also outlines our proposed emphasis for the next phase of SCORE. It is based on the feedback of all partners from the partner meeting, our own analysis, and input from the work package leads.

Active working groups
The memo includes a link to the overview of active working groups.

SCORE partners are now working on two parallel work streams:

  1. Submitting challenges to identify and form working groups around common challenges
  2. Submitting and evaluating solutions for co-development and testing

Once collective interest has been confirmed, projects will progress to a central ‘overview of active working groups’ and partners will be asked to complete a template 1 page ‘work plan’ to @JoranVD for challenge working groups (WP3) and @h.niesing for solution working groups (WP4). This ‘work plan’ will include a rough overview of the aim of your working group, a tentative timeline, commitment from each partners (time/budget). They will share these with active working groups shortly.

Please have a look and let us know what you think!


I think the “Retrospective Memo and next steps” is a very good aggregation of what we talked about in Ghent and gives some clear boarders for our future work. Good work!


I agree with @HD_Hamburg.

Here at Digipolis Ghent, the retrospective memo got us into “learning and evaluating mode”.

Let me share our reactions:

  • We like that both challenge working groups and solutions working groups will come up with the one-pager ‘work plan’. But we think the template as proposed is insufficient (Aim of workgroup / Tentative timeline / Commitment from each partner (time/budget)) → We would like to see more ‘required fields’ in work plan templates, especially for solution working groups. We’re working on our suggestions to further structure the work plan input, and will share these asap.

  • We like that our good understanding and collective flexible project mindset allowed the parallel initiative of "solution based proposals" to emerge.

  • We’d like to see a good balance of “we work agile” and “we have solid agreements” in future working groups. SCORE working groups should experiment with formal, per partner commitments (of people,time,budget,…), but we can remain agile in the way that a commitment can be decided on progressively, for chunks of a couple of months. Commitments should be included in the timeline of the work plans, eg. a working group can collectively state that: “The deliverables (can be slideware, mockup, paper prototype, mvp, prototype, component, solution, new iteration, …) coming up next by this workgroup are going to be A, B and C. We agreed that this round of deliverables will take us X months to deliver and the roles of each partner will be Y, Z, …”

  • Learning from the challenge based working groups approach so far, we think a less open-ended (vrijblijvend in Dutch) is necessary now. As we envisioned in the proposal, challenge working group activity should now intensify and lead to actual new common open source and open data solution initiatives, components, … that are mutually beneficial, and we believe the guideline will be a powerful tool for @JoranVD and his WP3 team to make that conversion happen.

  • To help us reach SCORE’s ambitions, Digipolis Ghent will try to expand the possibilities of “providing” the SCORE solutions Ghent is getting involved in. Not only in open source (as in: ready to be replicated by someone who knows how) but also “as a service” (as in: just ready to be used and tested within SCORE), for the partners that don’t immediately have access to experienced developers. This would open up new possibilities for all partners to experiment with SCORE solutions in their own smart city. It can also massively improve the number of follower cities in solution working groups. (Disclaimer: if enough budget and buy-in available, and if technically feasible)

  • We think that one can not count on all people active in SCORE following up every single community post closely, in all their glorious and beautiful details. Notification management … is perceived as pretty advanced and complicated. But why not manage the notifications for us? We think project management and/or the lead partner should set up a separate feed (a SCORE branded e-mail with a :loudspeaker: emoji subject perhaps?) for major working group events and callouts, such as:

Final call to join working group X, hop on now … this train is about to leave the station, full speed ahead!

Working group X has now delivered iteration Y of solution B, check out how it compares to A in their exciting A/B test

Challenge working group X has been dismantled … only to be converted in two new solution working groups Y and Z, join now!

Flash reminder: X responses missing for proposal Y. You know who you are :wink:

Once the workflow of such an event stream is set up, perhaps at our physical meetings we can take the time to agree on what we collectively regard as important events (even beyond working group events), so these can actually be filtered and curated from the full feed of all what’s happening on the community forum, conf calls and e-mails.


Great input!

@h.niesing can you share here the one-pager ‘work plan’ for WP4 solution working groups you have developed so @timvanachte & co can feedback on the working draft? @JoranVD can then use that as inspiration for the WP3 challenge working group one

On notifications - one idea could be to tag posts with those that are critical for all partners so it’s easily searchable. Another would be indeed a structured feed, which we could even share beyond the score consortium as part of communications. (ie I know some Synchronicity and SCIFI project partners are also keen to follow certain SCORE working groups)



Eventually, we shared the suggestions here:


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Hi all,

I have just gone and updated the SCORE process page to capture what is happening.