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Project planning during the agile development phase


Hi all,

We do want to give cities the flexibility to focus on solving problems in their city, and know each working group with have different needs based on their team, needs, and solution they are building. Yet we do want to have some standardisation in their workflow.

What kind of project planning will we need to set up during the agile development phase?


Here is a first draft on how the collaboration in solution working groups could look like https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xd7hf8TAT58zl7ee6cZexBoG_RU_wfTl8t5h8SJVISM/

Our proposal is that we turn this into an actionable, chronological work plan that we can give to the working groups when they start their solution development. Should this be a plan with key milestones which they should fill in? Maybe an excel sheet?

It would be great to also include signposts to what resources are available to working groups and define in greater what these working groups could look like - one product owner responsible, communication channels, governance structure etc.