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Public transport and mobility. Anyone have ideas and similar projects?


“The Public Transport Authority in Gothenburg (Västtrafik) is investigating how to create better prognosis for public transport based on AI, Machine Learning and available data sources.
Based on real time information about disturbances, traffic flow, GPS positions of busses and current amount of travellers etc they which to build a system that can predict travel times from A to B in real time and that can estimate future demand for public transport. This system can then be used to know when, and where to put in extra busses and to give better information to travellers. Västtrafik is currently doing a prestudy with the purpose to find out if and how this system should be implemented and are investigating what else has been done that we can learn from.

The question is: Has anything similar been done in the Score project and if so, what has been done and what are the experiences. Is there anything that Västtrafik can learn or use from you in the Score project. Who should we contact to learn more?“


Hi Kim, I’m going to ask the responsible People in Hamburg, if there is something similar in Hamburg.