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QR Code Toolkit Progress - Göteborg - Remote Partner Meeting April 2021


The QR Code Toolkit was part of District09’s working table Re-use Ghent’s WP4 code/work in your city (QR-APIAPI-IOTreg).

We organised the working table twice to give everyone a chance to catch up with us on all possible ways Ghent’s SCORE solutions can be reused at this point in SCORE, and how we could facilitate further that cities reuse it.

During the week of the meeting, the replication of the QR Code Toolkit was tested by Bradford. Our developer had prepared a ‘Deploy to Heroku’ feature + a sandbox environment was set up for all partners and interested cities beyond the partnership at https://qr-toolkit-score.herokuapp.com/admin/ (login details available for all interested by contacting @Jefwillems)

Together with Aarhus, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Bradford, Bergen, Johanneberg Science Park we discussed further improvements for 3 tools: QR Code Toolkit, IOT Registry, APIAPI. District09 will continue to develop win-win features that make sense both for Ghent and other SCORE partners, to promote further reuse of these generic tools.

QR Code Toolkit:

  • Recognisability, pictograms, how can you improve the use case with the graphical layer, how you “frame” the QR code eg. https://www.sidewalklabs.com/blog/how-can-we-bring-transparency-to-urban-tech-these-icons-are-a-first-step/
  • Use case: QR for registration processes of IOT devices in a platform, easier to register a new device, collect its metadata etc. eg. indoor climate monitoring devices
  • Use case: a very simple rating functionality (ask whether a service is good-bad, eg as done on mechanical devices with buttons in airports) => multiple SCORE cities could come together and decide which public services (related to our SCORE challenges/solutions) each of us could let rate by the public with a QR code

IOT Registry:


  • Now supports custom models, but could also be valuable if it would support predefined models from a library of some sort eg https://github.com/smart-data-models also, the ability to share custom models or specific mappings with other cities would be valuable.
  • Idea: support push over HTTP
  • Idea: to set up demo in other city, deploy to Heroku and a SCORE sandbox, like we have for QR Code Toolkit
  • Idea: set up a test (using public data of SCORE cities) by mapping fields to an existing data model in use in SCORE cities, to see if APIAPI would support that and to better compare with the other data processing approaches: ios2iot / ScorpioBroker, Node-RED, Sensorthings

Thank you all involved for the interesting discussions, the extensive testing, the new inspiration and we look forward to the next steps.

In the April 2021 remote meeting we also recorded a pitch for the business case of the QR Code Toolkit and a pitch for the business case of the IOT Registry.