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Question to partners from Amsterdam & Gothenburg (previously ‘Working group call 19-07-2018’)


Since ± 10 years ago European Commission was organizing “Future Internet Assembly” meetings for the participants of 150 projects financed by them. There was a large working group on IoT, which may be interesting looking up:



Thank you Stevan

We had a small group, but good call.
Mostly about the IOT progress made and near future developments.
Next week Jacco will distribute the minutes on the community.



We Me and Hugo will start this group up again so that we can share ideas, data and code asap.

You all who have been working in this group PLEASE respond to this if you still are interested and have time to work on this IOT registry. We shall soon call you too meetings and we only want those who are dedicated to this. Just so we can speed up the process. No disrespect, non taken! :wink:

/ kim


Great @klantto. As for Ghent and Digipolis Ghent, yes we are committed to continue co-developing, our contributions on this solution increased a lot since the Amsterdam Developer Sprint in July 2019.

After converting some of the components of Amsterdam’s version (https://slimmeapparaten.amsterdam.nl/) to a more generic “European” form -with developers from Amsterdam and Aarhus- @Jefwillems continued the work in Ghent, developing a local version of the IOT Registry for Ghent.

The City of Ghent’s Data Protection Officer is on board as Ghent -in its local implementation- intends to link and integrate the visual interface (map of the city) with an other ongoing initiative: the data processing register, which informs citizens about personal data processing, data owners, data retention, etc.

In order to support API’s for the ingestion of data, Jef also developed a separate data component. Quite valuable stuff for SCORE (IOT Registry but also other solutions) if you ask me.

By the way, a lot more information about the work on IOT Registry done in Amsterdam Developer Sprint can be found in the PDF here.

We will definitely include a coding/prototyping/design sprint timeslot for this solution at the Ghent DevSprintWeek in March 2020 + all suggestions are welcome!