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Rainproofing (and environment, and climate) challenge discovery activities


Last week @pjppauwels and me organized a new meeting to identify Environment (one of SCORE’s themes) related challenges in Ghent potentially adoptable in one of SCORE’s solutions.

It was a productive session resulting in almost 20 challenges, structured around three topics: rainproofing, environment and climate.

@ all cities, please do have a look (with a colleague specialised in Environment matters if needed) and see if you can find in this list of challenges possible complementarity or possible open data related commonalities, with projects / solutions / challenges in your cities.

Feel free to comment directly in our doc with possible leads to something in common.

We will of course add this new rich challenge input to the visualisation graph in the new WP3 Challenge ‘Discovery’ round this month.


Hello @timvanachte @pjppauwels very interesting ideas look forward to more defined proposals.