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Real-time disability underground parking information


What does it do?
It fetches datastreams of real-time parking and opens up the disability parking data for 3rd-party use in different tools, such as websites, apps and web integrations. We also intend to translate this into a responsive websites giving insight in available parking spaces, as well as nearby services specifically for people with need for a reserved disability parking space.

What does it solve?
Accessibility parking above ground is still free in Ghent. Making it a prime location for people with physical disabilities to park their car and often lead to overcrowding of those spaces. While underground parkings in Ghent have quota for disability parkings but are often unused during peak moments. Ghent wants to raise awareness about the availability of those paid underground spaces by one giving insights on their availability, accessibility and the proximity of destinations. This includes demonstrating that these spaces are well equipped with bathroom facilities and elevators to the ground level.

This working group proposal is one of the proposals from Ghent we have analysed more in depth + actualised using the “working group proposal” template. See this doc in shared drive for additional information about the initiative.

(Background information on template used: Partnership Update: Overview of activity for September, October and November 2018)


Hi Tim,

I’ve asked our Traffic and Parking department heads about interest in this challenge. Both of them state that it is an interesting challenge, and that it might eventually become relevant for Aarhus Kommune, even if we do not have an equivalent situation here right now. However, they do not have the capacity to participate actively in solution development, but are open to the idea of possibly testing a solution in Aarhus, when this becomes relevant.

I have therefore marked Aarhus as “follower” on this challenge.