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Regular working group calls


Hi all,

While we can use go to meeting for teleconferences, it would be great to have something more decentralised so that partners can set up their own calls with other partners.

While this can currently be done with phone/skype, phoning is difficult with more than a few people and skype requires someone to collect the IDs (+create accounts).

Appear.in is a platform where people can enter a video room simply by clicking a link. The free version allows 1 room w/ up to 4 parties to connect, paying plan (€10/month) allows up to 10 rooms with 12 parties.

Ie we could create a room for each working group, and whenever you’d like a call for your working group you can invite partners to join you there (no one needs to log in) and have a video call w/ screen sharing.

example: https://appear.in/scoreproject


So I have set up the rooms for beta testing:

The advantage here is that whenever you want to speak to your SCORE peers (even inside your organisation) you can just all click your link and start meeting. No installation or log in requirements - so great for bringing colleagues of colleagues onto calls without the need to set up a centralised teleconferencing service.

Note only up to 12 devices max, but that should be enough for working group calls.


Hi everyone,

To stimulate more horizontal communication between working group members, we have scheduled default monthly slots for teleconference calls:

  • Flood Risk : on every 2nd Thursdays of the month at 4PM CET
  • IoT Registry : on every 3rd Thursdays of the month at 2PM CET
  • Events on mobility & mobility hub: on every 4th Thursdays of the month at 3PM CET

Working groups are free to use the dedicated appear.in rooms we’ve set up (see links below), invite participants, set the agenda & use the time as desired/required.

A short recap of decisions/open questions on score.community would be great to keep everyone up to date (incl. other working groups).