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Replication Guide & Replicability Assessment Tool


Dear all,

@CamillaSandberg and myself, would like to share with you the final version of the “Replication Guidelines - Open source solutions for Public Service Delivery” :slight_smile:

The objective of the guidelines is to help you but also project managers, coordinators and decision makers to facilitate the replication of open source smart city solutions from one city to another. They highlight technical aspects of replication, essential considerations for assuring an enabling context for successful replication, as well as how this links to overall initiatives of digital transformation. The guidelines can also be useful for developers and programmers who want to know more about the context for preparation and implementation to be able to work with their city on replication of open solutions.

The document will be presented during the SCORE partner meeting on the 23rd of September at 10:10-11:00 followed by group discussions . We are really looking forward to discuss with you how this document can assist you as much as possible!

You can find the document below:

SCORE_Replication_Guide_final_compressed.pdf (2.2 MB)

as well as at the Google Drive under WP5 folder

A Replicability Assessment tool has aslo been developed in order to help you access a solution before replicating it. We will introduce this tool and give more details during our presentation tomorrow.

The Replicability Assessment tool can also be found in the link below:

Special thanks to all of you, who contributed to the development of this document!!!

/Eva and Camilla