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Reporting round 3 open!


Dear all,

We are happy to announce that the 3rd SCORE reporting round is finally open! Please read through this message carefully to ensure a hassle-free reporting and a timely reimbursement for all partners. Furthermore, don’t forget our summary of the reporting seminar from June 2018 which is a great way to introduce new colleagues to reporting in the OMS or refresh your own knowledge!


  • Please do everything possible to stick to the timeline below. In case you cannot hold it for some reason, please inform us ASAP! We will help you to coordinate and find a solution.
  • Period covered by Report 3: January-June 2019.
  • A progress (i.e. content) report is mandatory for all partners.
  • A finance report is mandatory for Gemeente Dordrecht, Johanneberg Science Park & AMS Data Science (partner exceptionally did not claim expenditures in the last round).
  • For other partners, a finance report is not mandatory but desired. In case you don’t claim expenses this time, inform us in advance and make sure to justify it in the finance report section in OMS (There is a field right below the summary of expenditures).
  • Start with the finance report if you plan to submit one! By the end of August, it should be certified by your FLC, who can already work on the audit while you report on finance.
  • Don’t forget your spending and activity forecast (klick here for template to download) that has to be submitted by early September! We did/will explain the template in the partner calls, please already have a look.



  • Coordinate the audit for finance report with your FLC!
  • Time to work on your finance & progress report


  • 16/8: Submission of content report
  • 31/8: Certification of finance report (make sure to submit the finance report and coordinate the audit with your FLC well in advance!)
  • 31/8: BaxCo/AMS to share joint progress report with partners for their review


If you have any additional questions, you can directly ask here in the SCORE.community or send a mail to score@baxcompany.com - we are always happy to help!

For now, good luck with the next round!!


Hello again everybody,

We promised you a draft version of the joint progress report to enable you to give feedback. Here it comes, together with a general overview of the missing steps for each of you:

  • All partners: Joint Report 3 - Draft version 1 (click here) can be reviewed and commented until next Friday (6/9). Please send your feedback and comments to j.tenart@baxcompany.com!

  • All partners, apart from Hamburg (deadline 6/9): Submission of spending and activity forecast

  • Pending FLC approvals & AS signatures (last deadline: 12/9): Amsterdam, Aarhus University, Aberdeen, Amsterdam University, Dordrecht. Please finalise the partner finance audits as soon as possible! Don’t forget to inform your Authorised Signatory after FLC approval, who has to sign and submit.

  • Pending AS signatures/submissions (last deadline: 12/9): Bergen Johanneberg SP, Hamburg (LSBG & LGV): Make sure your reports are signed and submitted

For support, you can always count on us! => score@baxcompany.com