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Reuse case of corona app


Hi all,

Interesting reuse case around the corona alert app highlighted by OSOR.

Germany invested 20 million euro in developing their open source app, which Belgium decided to reuse - 85% of the code was reusable, meaning it took only 6 weeks and 1 million euro to get the Belgian app up and running. (Note - this is based on media reports, no official data yet)

Sounds like a great SCORE! :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to see if Belgium develops/updates anything Germany could reuse, and whether other parties get onboard.


This is great. What can we learn from this and how can we replicate the idea? @Justine @evdoxia.kouraki Thoughts?


@Justine are you involved in the replication of this corona alert app that Claus mentioned above ?


An interesting link for background about Belgium’s app is


This is almost what the replication guide “demands” @evdoxia.kouraki Thoughts?


Hi Eva

No I was not involved in the coronalert app.
The app was an initiative from the federal government to make contact-tracing easier.

I’m involved in actual crowd monitoring on local level, to guarantee save shopping streets in the center and avoid (over)crowded situations.