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River Trac


Hello All
I had a conversation with River trac yesterday and there is some really opportunities here. They are using an Ultrasonic gauge that works up to 4.8m Its runs on AA batteries and last about a year before replacement. It use the LoRaWAN . It brings back the data every 15mins. You can get the api.

The cost hasn’t been agreed but from our off the record conversation is going to be a very very cost effective compared to the current market and in the areas of disposable cost.



Hi @wburnish,
Bradford will very soon be looking to install similar devices so this is really useful information.
Our previous supplier https://flood.network/ got in touch a couple of days ago promoting their new ‘improved’ devices. This is an output from ther devices in nearby Calderdale

It’ll be useful to do a comparison of their devices.


Hi @wburnish,

I am helping pull together interested parties for an IoTUK Challenger event at the ODI Leeds and wondered if you have a contact at River Trac?