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Roadmap for D5.1: Develop integration & demonstration plan


Dear all,
Below is a Roadmap for D5.1 on Developing integration & demonstration plan for SCORE solutions in Living Labs. This is a suggestion so please come back with any suggestion you might have.

Deliverable 5.1: Develop integration and demonstration plan

A plan for integration with existing city lab and demonstration. A plan will be developed for each solution.

A Roadmap for the coming 6 months

Planned Actions - major steps:

  1. Re-define the deliverables for WP5 stated in project application (Done)

  2. Develop a step by step instruction guide for LLs & a template/questionnaire for D5.1, D5.2, D5.5 and D5.6

  • Use Gothenburg city (Trafiken.nu) & Amsterdam (IoT Registry) as examples
  • Share template & examples with other SCORE cities
  1. A common definition of Living Labs within SCORE partners will be given
  • As stated in the project application, definitions from questionnaire about LLs and discussion at Ghent meeting with partners.
  • Material from ENoLL about LLs & their use
  1. Provide a list of existing Living Labs within SCORE incl. information of potential area to be used, thematic orientation, examples of tested solutions
  • Feedback received from partners during “speed-dating” in Ghent
  1. Continuous sharing of best practices for testing solutions in LLs via i.e. SCORE community, webinars, workshops etc.